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Barry Norman talks to Quentin Tarantino as he promotes his third film, Jackie Brown.

Xylee Xylee



9M James? I think you meant 10M 😉😉😉

Bruce Hartin

Further proving the point Miles is actually the cops son from Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Bob Snob101

He didn’t even fly out the window

Sarah Heart

Go on a concert tour you cowards

Diego Devars

Guru, Question.. Every level on the Campain is just you shooting monsters or there are some actual puzzles and npc's

Ronnie Pham

Just realised vikkstar is there

لؤي عرفي

Rank the rockets in terms of altitude : 1- The Aerodactyl (1813 feet)2- The Silver Bullet (865 feet)3- The Bumblebee (600 feet)4- The Traffic Cone (300 feet)5- The Bounty Hunter (89 feet)

Andrea Arencibia

How did that know that was my dream

Ian John Javier

Team necklace


"help me"

now what?

/ \

The panda crew By Fanny

I relate to this so much... I have anxiety


Lol when that guy said "Aw you suck!" He sort of sounded like Stewie XD


Mr Flip Flap goes "Smack Smack Smack" onto that old hag to her grave.

That's all I have to say.

Laura Hernandez

5:19 he didnt even hit the button 😂

Royce Muzic

He didn't like a black guy getting too close to his wife. We all know how much white women love black men👀

Farhan Fahim

I'm a loo and I cannot lie

Ajah Harris

Garret’s baseball swing

Alyssa Hamilton

That first dress O.M.G. it flatters you soooo much!!! Then the teal tye one, it's so beautiful, and I love how you can tye it!!! Makes me want to go to Hawaii just to shop at the first store!!


At 6:05 you can hear a iPhone photo from an AI


Snow day stereotypes!!!


Gotta love your work, always top notch <3

Pink Guy Of DOOM

why is adam jehnsen so happy?

Caiden leer

2019 anyone?

Brandon Karr

At 10:08 Chicken: this isn't even my final form!

Amy Pearson

Yeah Tyler should do it for the video 👍🏻