F C De Kampioenen S05E10 De steward DVDrip XviD ADDiCT

Amélie Jones

what does "DON'T TOUCH YOURSELF" mean or am I just being a derp?

Megan Link

11 bounces

Noah Mannier

aidsaids areaids are bad aids are bad unt

Jack Eichner

I cannot stop laughing after the panda keeps getting shot right in the face 😂

Julio Flores


The wholesome comment you were looking for


i remember florida bc i live there but like just remember it as the dick of the us bc most floridians are dicks

scottie Willams

You gone be gucci

Legendary Horse

Ok so the message of this song is

Dylan Knight

they've sure grown a lot in 7 years lol

Sam Richards

This was the first ever dude perfect video I ever watched

Colton Groff

Did anyone notice that the cue tip changed in the jumbo pool 2:52

Kayla Aguilar

I actually go hunting and this is so true! and I love the Micheal Jackson at the end

Caleb Olson

Subway, pulled pork with a little bit of ham, white bread

Sketching with Ana

I have G.A.D no therapy helps also I get panic attacks sometimes also we need this video in my school

Talk Show Studios

34 2nd places

PizzaPG Games

Cascades camp?


awesome and creative! love it !


1:57 , i was scared for a moment.

Emma Clemons

your next stereotype should be birthday party's.

Zanna Ferdous

My friend has SOOO many pets she has two dogs three cats three bunnys four turtles and on hamster!!?! I'm not joking

Hetansh Vasoya

Best and my favourite is Tyler

Andrew Elliott

You should get Patrick Mahomes. Have him throw an 90 yard bomb into a basketball hoop.

Lily Hope

I don't get eny

Nick Gur

People my school still do bottle flips

Home boys

L stands for Legendary

laae x laae

i wanna do this 😭💯

Simply Arianator

I have had OCD in over 3 years now and I can’t take it anymore i’m washing my body. hands, and stuff i’m doing it most at school to much that others think I am a weirdo.I have been going to psycholist over 10 times and a 4 days treatment.That 4 days was the worste days of my life but I quit my OCD i tought...Some weeks later I started washing myself again.And now I have to talk alot with my doctor bc I don’t wanna live anymore bc of my OCD.I feel like know one understand if u don’t have OCD but when u first know how it is u would feel how it is for others


This is the number of how many times thye made video about a story.


first world problems: asks for 500 likes.... get 675...


Where did u get this number of moneyes? :D (sorry for my english)

Blaze Anthony

I have been watching you Coby for a long time

garrett crisp

Borderlands creeper


Dog:woof woofCow:moo mooDude perfect: Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I cap the water bottle first tried. Please smash that like that like button

Mike Garcia

Room 237 is a running easter egg from disney because of a college or something about a school

Shakthi Murugesh

indians r d best dude perfect its my honourable reequest to u plz come n visit india and make a video here in india

Holy Hotdog

Kylee! The beast!