F C De Kampioenen S05E03 Liefde is blind DVDrip XviD ADDiCT

Dria Woods

0:55 Press press press press press. Cardi don't need more press


mate just hop on a treadmill

Explodin Cow

0:28 oh... a convieneit bascketball hoop in the middle of a jungle. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

plague clan fortnite

Gaming stereotypes

Taylor jay

Is that a You Matter hoodie?!? My grey one just came in today and I just got home from work and about to sleep in it!!

Levi Griffith

So did you die or no

Impressive video man loved it specially last one .🙋

Jesus is Life 3-30

Ricky and Danica

good nice


The Person Who Does Work Before Everyone Else

Jae and Hud

Ps I’m your biggest fan

lola vlogs

that Tyler dude is a chubby good athlete

Archis Amrite

Did he miss the putt at @1:12?😂😂 You can see the blur around the ball

Kristijan Žuti

Di ga kupite


Im sure these guys are cool dudes, but watching them pissed me off

Madeline Carman

Tell Tyler it’s ok I’m lesbian:3 and Joey Graceffa is gay too <3

Noodely Nappy

When I was 7-8 years old,I went hospitalized for being insanely underweight.I was coughing and I felt the blood while I was coughing.It is very painful and it isn't worth to risk your life to be "pretty".These coaches will lead you to your death and you need to make your own choices.-Thank you.From a soon to be YouTuber.Thank you for your time.

AZ Games

FINALLY!!! been waiting for ages!


Still Rocking in 2019🤘


3:15 Cody Parkey might want to change that soon


Why does this somehow remind me of MGS?

Trey Rollis

Ty was fat back then


u guys need a new soundtrack..

Moved to sweetstxr


Roy Wray


sorry, Just needed to write something against her