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WeiRd fLeX bUt oK


U need more subs

Marcos Escobar Moran

4:29 kids look away

Jasmin Hernandez

They need to do this more often lmaob

Fnaf Forever

Who agrees they should actually play football 12 likes👍

Benjamin Lutz

everyone that hit the dislike suffer from a minor case of shaky hands

Chace Austin

I tile gate hockey

Corey .Dombrowski


ACE FlexShot

Julio Jones please!!!!!!

Ashley Batke

what does XD mean?

sambasivarao akkisetti

Soccer won

Leonardo Reyes

Rip old guy 😭😭😭😢😢😢

70% backstory

Naseeh Hassan

Girl what you have is a true friend don't let him go


I really wanted there to be a Monty python and the holy grail easter egg

shy thelegendary

ASHANNIE is in the air😁😍

Anthony Esparza

slave owner



lol 2:43 look at duke now😂

I am truly sorry about you having to grow up like that. I mean, I can and have had a bunch of pretty bad moments in my life, but nothing THAT horrible. I'm glad you were able to grow up and live more normally.

Audra Legg

It good to talk about it when it hurts so munch and it good to see that you are helping others that been threw what you have.i respect a lot for that.


Brent Rolin

Who watching an 2019 ??????????

Autumn Ramone

Wish the phones looked like in our near future😃

CrAzzz Clan!

that exercise ball was cool not cool

Daren Dave

That's a window

5599955555555555555555555555555555555555555 Later: My dad pinned me down and abused me

Daniel Martinez

At 1:39 it looks like he has a bunch of arrows stuck to his back 😵

black pantherYT

1 of you guys couldbe a QB for a team


the bubble head aren't some kind of easter egg?

Me: the house is creaking because someone is using a ladder outside to watch/film me

ul chara

Stop the beeps

Isabella Diaz

In my school if somebody tries and bullies a kid we will all fuck them up

Alejandro Muthoni

TYdo you use the bathroom while trick shooting.

Arsh Ghuman Ghuman

Hey where is cricket i think you r not able to play cricket

Still Great :)


I have had recent guilt problems


Skip Bayless is such a troll I swear


I think it's a snake gun. He's in Texas and we have lots of snakes here.