F&WHR Moving Pictures Number Fifteen 14/3/18 - YouTube

F&WHR Moving Pictures. Snowy pictures. Trackwork and station update in Caernarfon. Boston Lodge round up.

Michael Surburg

I am a fan of Pokemon

Dave Carsley

Nice job. Great video!

Fluffy Gaming / Clash Royale and more soon!

So early people get responded to?

Ima go back to sleep now

Jordan Brazelton

I actually bought a $300 machine that cuts bloomin onions perfectly just so i could make a vegan version at home 😂😂😂




Indeed hardwork pays off someday

It have many times in the game.


hes not David, hes Keith David. and yes, because Keith David is the guy that did Julius' voice, so they eventually just got Keith to play himself in this game.

Tasfiq Raihan

sneaking up on an enemy Quiet team sees donuts on table DELICIOUS DONUTS SPOTTED

Harlene Jane Mabborang


Caseanova tv J

I have never click on a video so fast let go

John Snww

2:06 those are some big oysters

ZeusLighting Hurricane

😇Heaven OUR 😈Hell

Alexander Hall

Song at 1:37?

Devil C Wesker

I don't get the Orange joke I know it like his watching porn but what does the Orange mean

Lamont Lawrence

Check out my remix on my channel!

Mar Rus

Song name pls!!! Shazam not found this song

XGN Bling

Now he plays for the cfl

Uncle Harold

next sport should be AFL... Australian football league

Swamp Buck

Gairs was the best baseball fail.

Cam I Am

love me my mio!

Sergio Nestor

23 por 24

Khevin Toledo


Brie Lundy

I never thought I’d be crying over anything like this but here I am. Nate crying really got me, not gonna lie. Lord.


I went to the toilet in 2015 and came back in 2016

I’m a bot at fortnite

I feel like they gain 1 million subs every week

Wait. Where is his twin Gacha Mike?

Chris Chant


Mario Matanović

8:01 did dude really say BRRRR???? 😭 😭

jannah elfaramawy

wait is he gay? ummm

Itz Cam

“No shave November”More like No nut November

Zaka Ur Rehman

Even i screamed at the first one

Ilah X

check out my music, i rap and make my own beats

TEAM NRV officiel

What ?


Full Explanation of The 2001 A space odyssey Easter Egg

Angélica Hernandez


Georgia Brown

This made me cry

Michael Bryant

Most people that have anxiety disorders have them simply because they are total pussies.

NzmAnh Dee

Some say the balls still rolls till today.


Still one of the most delicious ways to kill yourself. BBQ’d Medium Rare Ribeyes and Cold Cut Deli Salami to the grave. Still safer than driving a car in Richmond Vancouver BC Canada.

Johnny Calibre

dat pass tho




This was awesome, and I never knew the first one existed.. oh well, this was awesome :D

Connor Mathias

Hey Guru, here's an idea for a future minisode: the Fallen Knights in Witcher 3's Hearts of Stone DLC sometimes shout Mad Max: Fury Road lines. It's kind of rare, but it does happen.