episode #10 The Devin Perception

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Isaac Slater

Game 1 starts tonight!

Bhagirath Verma

you must come in india

spazialitious gamerlicious


Magnificent Maegan

Noice Name 👌👌👌


FinallyEdit: imagine fake eating skittles...

Irosa LoL

+1 est français en plus! Je te ferais un petit peu de pub c'est absolument génial tout ces easters eggs!!! AWESOME!!!! <3

Abdullah Almohaimeed

The wisp's bit** LOL

Gabriel 2089

Super Bowl 53 Anyone?

- adriana -

I really dislike these kind of videos because rug gives everyone their “reward” even though they got none right👎🏾 it’s a challenge , yeah yeah he’s trying to be nice but then again why even do the challenge if ur not gonna do it the way it’s suppose to be I meannn just my opinion




I swear, his hair gets lighter and lighter

Gamer Thor

Looks like we are going to havea new pokemon in pokemon sword&shield

Andre Bisson

Archery 3 pointer

Emzino Gambino

Rip nip ☹️

Sarah Curfman

How is that trophy going to fit on a mantel?!?!

Chuck 2007 - 2012


guess what also doesnt have a cure. my depression.

the best channel

1:30 almost a concussion

Giohunte Díaz

Guru video in Christmas= like plus favourite

Christian Garcia

Guru: the pro at finding and placing easter eggs. fucking love this channel!


missed opportunity at number one there, should have had spooky scary skeletons. Although I was thoroughly spooked with it regardless. Keep doing what you're doing, love ya man :)

Friends Friends

Ray Zamora

wat he should master was is nfl game

Cobalt 244

Im reporting 2:58 for sexual content, how dare you make me aroused

Sorry for being excessive I just really love your videos

Dimitry's Place

wut R u talkin abut.

random soul

Seems like something the show “What Would You Do?” would set up. Just sayin...

Papa Jake

My grandma smokes and every time she does it I break out in tears

Jacob Marsh

When Alvaro Morata gets it on target you know it’s greenscreened

JackWood and Shadoo

6:43 look under the map for one more easter egg :>

Abigail Knapp

The java chip frappe is my shit 😂😝

kivigjyug jcjh

I am The trash talker

Harry Riccio

Can u guys just let coby have the feeling of winning for once. Seriously it’s like you just don’t want him to win

Stephen Gaming

If my daddy or mommy died I would literally get a knife and defeat myself and go meet them

Og Johnson

Why are they booing him?



Nooby Gamer

I love the whistle shot XD

Always been watching Alvin

Franz Lawrenz Romano

Woh poor joey