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School nurse: I think you have the flu

YSW Montana


Yet another great video from Guru. I adore your editing - timing, movements, zoom-ins, transitions, text pop-ups - all of that and more packed together create a truly enjoyable experience.


3:13 ty dancing LOL

Andrew Carpenter

I am the ugly frogling

Maegan Eliz

4:21 what happened to the wine stain?

Enrique Reyes

Ty is eating a BLT

Matt Heussner

Apparently some people do not realize how many people have guns...

janiah ysabel yee

She has Gretchen Wieners hair.

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Cook deliver guideline territory speak farmer limit shake

Meej Xyooj



jungkook your voice is so good 😍😍😍😍

Lou Steven Skate

Laugh at dis comment

Kadir Efe İskender

I watching 2017

kyle sisti

and me

Business Cat

Freaking love the ending xD "nope"

Challenged Cracker

Who is watching this in 2017?

Jenny Gunn

I do that

Karan Mahtolia

Very easy for professional football players

Trevor L.

Y’all should try to get more Marvel people on the show

MuM ‘

I’ve had a catheter before, after a dirt bike crash and it sucked.

Edit: I was going to be so pissed off at you if you forgot the scarab gun. Also YOU FORGOT THE SOCCER BALL

Malon: "Oh thank you I-Wait what?" XDXDXDXDXDXDXD

D4rkWolf BR

Teen Wolf :D

Timo Creator

2020 anyone?

Proper Nazi man

She said yikes YES BOIS

I love samsung deal with it

Feels bad man

Harmony Karo

Ethan: views the karaoke machine

Renegadelion 9632

Dude perfect dog or cat

Billy Horrible

Film with Jenna fisher and Steve Carell

Skrach Thewolf

John cena!!! Pls



Margaux Fujol

28$ for the little pallette... hooooo fuck, i can't Believe it 😖😖

Omg this video is exactly 10:00 OCD heavan


0:31 me after tacobell

ganesh mhaske

Sword shot

Oliver Orton

the first on this list is also on cod ghosts fog map in the shed at the back of the map

Curly Boy

So cool


Chesh Noir

Wait so this was a dream?

Weem and Joom

Do a lacrosse stereotypes

Brandon Hubbard

Panda is a white guy

Laura Hirst

thumbnail looks like kate

Aaliyah Green

girl it was never your fault


Hello there

F0x Gaming75

they should become nba players

Dajion Gainer

when were you in co springs i live there right down the street


Wynter Sheard

This is exactly how I feel all the time lol I have short legs and really thick thighs so I don’t walk super fast

Vicky Kay

4:05 ASMR