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Rhomadona Bambang Pamungkas

Next on dude perfect Also, 9:18 JUMPSCARE ALERT

(I don't wanna, I don't wanna)

FaZe NoYou

Power button pusher


Been anticipating cyberpunk for over a while now , it's quite a "detailed" visual appealing futuristic game with a vast open world and a potential ever changing compelling story, knowing CD project red works with the witcher series , they will deliver!!! (although I appreciate this guy a lot and loved him as neo in the matrix)) FUCK all of the cringey Keanu Reeves bandwagoners who'll only approve of a game just because a gimmick of some well known actor/celebrity is promoting it and is involved in it as well rather than appreciating the 8+ years of hard work and effort the development team has put into the game! I feel like some of these people aren't even hardcore fans of his either , just watched "John wick " 2 & 3 then started acting like some unanimous fanboy. I'm infatuated with this game and I deeply appreciate Keanu as well , just looking at him as a bonus👍

ann xiu

I started crying!!! Wenn she said mom is dyining !!! 😭

Genessys Nunez

My boyfriend is better than all the boyfriends in the world 🤩😂😝😏😉😉😉


Guru, I added you on PSN, and I keep getting notifications that you are getting milestones in this game....

jef game's

just smoke some pot man

Samantha DeSantis

panda panda panda panda

Your Average Four year old

I expected "yaoi" or "yuri," wait...

Shaniel Palmer


3 . If they cheat on you : you feel suicidal

Toni Oyenuga

She is innocent and doesn’t deserved this 😭😱👎🏻

OutOfOrder 01

Good that my OCD is weaker now

Luna Kawashima

ooooohhhhh, those sheep rly r bringing a nice memory.....


I literally habe a friend that has long ass legs and i feel just like this 💀

Victor Leal

Geat video. Love football.


The music feel like Indonesia tradisional music


My second favourite Final Fantasy game EVER.

natasha pretorius

I cant comment because I can not ear what ty is singing


The trash dad is so my dad

I figured night elf, mage but then the armour set

UnicornsAre Real


HyperDonut _

Interview alcohol