Dit is het dierennieuws uit 2017

2017 is bijna afgelopen en dus is het tijd om terug te blikken naar al het dierennieuws van het afgelopen jaar. Wij hebben de opvallendste, grappigste en gekste dieren die dit jaar het nieuws haalden, voor je op een rijtje gezet.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Vragen, tips of ideeën? Stuur ons een e-mail op jeugdjournaal@nos.nlAbonneer op ons kanaal: NOS Jeugdjournaal? Je kunt ons ook vinden op:Instagram:

andre Reed

not a battle

Diego Ricardi Nairan



Okay so I understand that his wife gave him a “get out of jail free card” to go out with another woman but what he did was still cheating. Personally, I can’t respect that decision because I very recently got cheated on. He was married and even though he wasn’t “happy” doesn’t mean he should’ve done that to his wife.

Isaac Deschênes

Wait. This is pollution

Milagros Salting

You guys are so cool wuv your bids

Zaid Khan

Title trying to say her step mom is like her really mom

I wish I could show this to my teachers im autistic and I go to a special school but we still have exams and the teacher expects us to have full marks because it’s “easy” it’s easy for them to say but I have to work 100 times harder because it’s not easy for me and it’s ruining my health I kept falling sick because I don’t get to resttt :((( also the teachers are scary and if I don’t do well they will be disappointed:/ HELP ME (sorry for my bad english)

mayra islas


Rackka jazza

A- is good though.

xOGaxhaLifexO Dahila

Put icey hot on his pp.

Niku Shahbazi

Who is the panda?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!!!!!!!????

Erik - Brawl Stars

when the panda was planting a tree it was so cute for meh


Guru, are there any easter eggs in your videos done by you? Slowed down stretched audio, or secret annotations?

Vicky tiwari

The target should be cory

Muralidhar S

Get covered with cheese and be toasted for an hour . This is for wheel unfortunate.


of course franklin is big foot lol


Man hardly anyone interviewed for this clip can speak english clearly

sans cool vids