Dinosaurs Battle s1 GB6

Interested about creating some advertisement from us please contact email : , Sunisaplagla@gmail.comGet fun with Dinosaur Battle and then Let’s have fun with ‘Discovery Card Quest’ by collect or trade cards and win treasure, We’re giving away US$8.00 worth of free in-app coins to EVERYONE who download the app and register through your channel.It’s easy to redeem your code in Discovery Card Quest, All you need to do is:- Download the app from - Open the app- Go to the Setting menu (the wrench symbol in the top right)- Press the Redeem Code button in the middle- Enter your code, DINOS- Press Redeem Code and enjoy your rewards!Dinosaurs BattleDinosaurs battle world championship (T-Rex VS Phuwiangosaurus)All Battle in Playlist : : : Dinosaurs battle world championship is made ​​for entertainment only. Nor as to the documentary form . But there is enough information to make a reality. In some of the information The team apologize if the content is contrary to the reality on the other , and asked to watch for entertainment purposes only thanks.

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Bowling alley

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Cory and Coby

jordan o'brien

2018?? January 1st happy New Year

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So does levi ackerman have OCD?? :v


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Wat anine

black blue

She also has bursts of anxiety, a sinking soul and is headed for depression. If she's like the rest of us.

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suiqise squad earster egg pls

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Ricardo's shots r fake



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2:50 when you fart and want to bring it in to the couch

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Please do part two

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oh i waited for this one btw cgt for 0 dislike you deserve like

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You're a dad now, Ethan!!!! Woohoo

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I fell in love with Diego the explorer, Mario, and Ben 10 when I was here

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Me:😲YOU GUYS:😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌YEAHHHHHHHHH


Cory got 2! Anyone in 2019?


I would put the GTA V easter egg on first place because of the UFO's

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cody's nickname will be cud YO

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Amazing love you guys

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I was twelve hours into dead island when the Zin attacked, now ill never finish. Ill never forgive them for that...

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You should do air soft stereotypes



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Replay buttons: Hi my name is Heidi I was always a person who loved adventures I sometimes even think I am a real archeologist and I am happy for it I am also really in love with drawing I drawed in my whole life and everything around me was all in good condition until 4 grade arrived I made a best friend named neva she treated me really bad I was always fighting with her and I never get along with her until I met another girl named natal oh boy she was my best friend to she's really protective on me and always arguing with neva because of me I think that my dreams are fading away and I can't think about my future anymore like I used to sometimes natal, neva and me were like in a condition of pain then happy then pain again I felt miserable being in fourth grad as time pass by in in the year end of fourth grade neva says sorry to me and natal and we forgive then in grade 5 me and neva were in the same class were really best friends forever and everrr so we have a promise that we wouldn't be fighting anymore like in fourth grade and about natal she was in a different class but I also hangouhangout with her now my dreams to be a archeologist is coming back the end I hope you got my story and make it as a video


Just some constructive criticism, I dont think you need the shots from the movie, most people will know what you are referencing. 


Anyone know a discount code?


@FunWithGuru really? is it harder?

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I'm here for the silly names for their trick shots.

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My mom was two hours into pushing 🤯😬😬

When I’m tempted to believe the Lord doesn’t care for me because he hasn’t taken away my depression, anxiety, PTSD, or borderline, I try and think on Jesus. How he suffered for me. How I am promised Eternity with the Lord. How I’m promised a pain-free life to come with Jesus and my brothers and sisters. WHAAAAAAATTT

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At first i thought he was sick but thankfull he is okay

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what about the GIANT fossilized mudcrab?

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the ball didn't even go in at 0:56 hahahaha. Cmon Dude Perfect

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I'd love to meet him


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4: I went off antihistamine 6 weeks later. still worked.

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A swimming pool

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Funny because MW2's campaign shat all over Bad Company 2's.

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is this not the song in there first video ever

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Riza Kefa


Jimins smol fingers

Her: lost her hair because of cancer

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I Started crying when I watch this video

I'm sorry :/