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Kaden Kucharski

guru is the best easter egger ever!

The EnderPigs

16:30 cool!


I laugh on the troll part. Man they really put that easter egg from that E3 gameplay

A lizard

I'm An Introvert But I Like Loud Music....

Confident tuber CO. Tuber

why am I watching in June 2019?


@accesscrimea im kind of pinkish, hope this answers your question

Sameo thao

Watch pop team

And am i the olny one who wants the mom to suffer in jail?

karan ki vines

Nice video

Zoel Guerrero


Mr.pacman Pacman

Wow so amazing dude nice video👍👍

No nine to five, put the work in 

julio cruz



In home site u can made some medicals>description"Heisenberg would be proud" Breaking Bad ^^

Steven Lopez


XWL -Clan

suscribete a mi canal si hablas español o leiste mi comentario

Ghers Mohamed Mondher

how many months did you stay just on this video ?

Flash TP

Here what you came for 22:15


From a backyard to an entire facility and brand😂😂, they just kept going and accomplished there dream🙏

I come

cool dude 1234

Omg that’s amazing the way u evolved look at them way back then and look at them now awesome ❤️❤️🔥 I feel bad panda tho 😂

ᖇEᗪ ᔕᑌᑎ ᖇIᔕIᑎG

My Suggestion: Top 10 or 5 Easter Eggs In Album Covers

hey it's me

Why tyler always win is it scripted?

If anyone could help me please tell me in the comments section;).

The exterminator Of death

I'm fairly certain it's illegal to threaten to beat someone with a belt

Toast Boy

Why didn't you add the old Millenium Falcon?


6:50 can I have the robot dog behind you guys

Danny Hancock

Every one sub to me


at the lab theres someone named joel dirt if u cut out the l its joe dirt :P

Connor Myers

Me: Hey Mom where is the plunger I clogged the toilet

xAizawa kun

Keep doin Easter eggs man your Tue only good legit person that can find really good hidden Easter eggs I started watching u because that reason don't change

Can You Survive Off Ass Hair Yes Or No

Google gave me the talk my family is very shy about that

Nayru Mix

Wow. Just wow. This is appalling.

Young Jesus

I downloaded the game yesterday and tried it out and i really liked it

Alfonso Cota

You can hear it bounce off, it seems

لكن بعد الإنتهاء كل واحد يلبس ملابسه بنفسه.. !


@sfsboy1412 Running from the scene by manic bloom

Orlando Hill

Now KD is the best in the world??

Stephen Harris

that 10 million point shot is epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Airbus Aviation

I’m a 10 year old that lifts 40 kg

Gamer 2.0

Am I the only one who loves every song that dp uses in their videos

Darren Hurtado

How are they impossible if you can do them


Hey want to live a happy life with a loving wife and kids?

Gavin Smrz

Nice house

Guess the you tubers


Good Job guru you made my day dude ;)

Mast3r Gam3r

im also blowing bubbles😂😂😂


Why do people actually dislike