Die Queen - privat - Ein Porträt der BBC London - ZDF 1992

This was recorded in Krakow, Poland via satellite Astra 19.2E from german 3sat, probably in the 1st half of the 90s. Sorry for the quality, I uploaded that for pure analog video era nostalgia. VCR Panasonic G21 and TV-Sat tuner Echostar 1000E, 90cm parabolic dish, LNB 2.0dB. Note: the rip from the TDK E-HG/HD cassette was done well over 20 years after the recording, no drop outs or other faults. The pic is shaky as my VCR had no TBC :(

Dream Dweller

The fact that so many of us can relate to the child who’s been treated wrong, proves that we as the next generation need to make that difference and be the better parent based on the mistakes our parents made. I can’t wait to have kids, just so I can help them to grow up in a happy environment and become a more confident adult.

Paisley Lee

Make more stereotypes please

Karnadaka Borewells

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Andrew W.

In the future, the subway train comes every 45 seconds without stopping..

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Багдан Свинобоев

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What about Ratchet & Clank?

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RyansFilms lx

That Aussie accent was on point😂-ryan the Australian

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Where did Cody get he's Estonian pants

Pls more uploads♡

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“Women’s bracket?”Everyone: “UConn” 😂 I’m dead



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Team necklace

Cesar Valle

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R. N.

Baby mon milkmonson face :D

Joe Jonda

all of them are living a dream

mr. ghost

OMG same thing with my family 😭

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Its not Salt Grass... sorry they both lose... Love from Texas!

jimmys Vl

This video made me think i am not so much of an introvert. I mean, i socialize daily but i get a discomfort when i havent spended some hours alone relaxing and thinking. Do you think i am an introvert 🤔

StrainPlayz playz manya

Cody and the other guys r wearing wigs if u saw

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where are the physical amounts of JoJo references in anime?

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1:52 look at the guy on the right in the background 😂

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So your bill gates?

Nick Frost

you know sunny dances if you pause the game while playing that song?


That editing and song tho

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who are you whos your friend

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Awesome videos as always,but why must they torture is with the newspaper Easter egg


That must have been what caused the apocalypse to occur in that world.

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