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An affable underachiever finds out he's fathered 533 children through anonymous donations to a fertility clinic 20 years ago. Now he must decide whether or not to come forward when 142 of them file a lawsuit to reveal his identity.Anonimowy dawca nasienia dowiaduje się, że jest ojcem dużej liczby dzieci. Jego potomkowie wnoszą petycję do banku spermy o ujawnienie danych ojca.

hi got am Tang

Over hand blind shot should be the name of the no name one

Xzan two-flat

Day 2 of no fap🤦🏽‍♂️


I heard the tension from the screen

Pluie épanouie

The same voice Fake


This is giving me black mirror Vibes

The Rare Videos g55

ok now it got me more interested cause the others dont show that much



Trap Money Brodie

Will frozen 2 break the pixar theory

Madison Lafontsee



when everything you see in this comment section is memes

Benjamin Bingaman

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Maudsley Trickshots

Trampoline park

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Koji grad u srbiji?

Massimo Naccarato

You should try and get Messi or Ronaldo.

Marcus and Martinus

One time Tyler loses

Exalibur Weilder

3:20 wait you dont flush?


Very, very cool!

Troy Davis

Yay cory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moo Milk

The voice sounds like Nikki Rap's

Yeah, I don't think that I'll ever come down

chantal homsy

Harry Potter is the best story in the world

Reigiñe Andrea

Does anyone see a join button?

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Why is Garrett missing for all of the fishing


Dude perfect, you are awesome

Slime_Girly_Fluffy !!

Team read

Bisma Siddiqui

Who is watching in almost 2018

Slade Doll

Like if 2018

Sarah Piche

do you now what is funny Garrett is my name

Manjit Mohanty

I said No

Marcus Romanello, MD

Pool stereotypes

Павло Качмар

Garret kicks a perfect spiral at first and at the next edit its an ordinary kick

ZayBeastPlayz _

do more battles


How did you miss the arcade machine, with a chicken equipped with cluckshots on ashes?

River Rushlow

does anyone know what kind of bikes these are??

Aimee Duvak


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this tricks is fake

Quake Jake

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bernardo martins

"Soccer" eh o caralho

Now I'm even more scared to explain what's happening.


1:08 best part

Nikola Jaksic

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6:25 omg BELLA!!! tinglesssss

Max SwagChristan Server

What Bout That Frozen Porn NibbaAnd A Nother 1 billion + song i wish the best for our younger generation

Justin Urbano-Pineda

The music is Super Mario bros.

David Long

is ross panda

heena singh

Just watching this is Dec 2018 makes me realize Coby isn’t bad, he’s just unlucky.

Gacha_ Graham

Did you saw my submit?

Ruben Dajanson

Dude perfect vs the ninja turtles