Daniel, Kathryn, Vice on Stage -Daniel Padilla's Concert - YouTube

Part of the Full video shared by Kookieberks. This video is were Vice Ganda joins Kathryn and Daniel on stage. This is one of the best part of DJ's Concert. All people cant stop laughing because of what Vice Ganda is doing. It was great!NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDEDThank you!

I am so great full this did not happen


1:58 sooo me

gavin brown

The title is wrong

The Lindor

6:43 It's free real estate

cwb vols

New England

Book Worm

Is Jens coffee spiked!?!?😂😂😂

Fire Fly

Wait what about dantdm?

Nicole Penit

cut me deep and struck me is so good to hear reality that is being neglected or i say been blinding off. thank you for such a mind opener content

Gina Frontino

Will there be an epic trick shot battle 4


Just something I noticed, your description in #6 seems a bit off? I think you meant to say 'Jigsaw the Puppet' as opposed to 'Billy'.


0:12 6:08 Jsuis le seul qui se concentre plus du tout sur le but de la vidéo quand il entend du français dans une vidéo anglaise ?

ankit kumar

Biopic of leaders

Surendra Sahay

May God bless you 😘 ♥️


arsenal enyone els

And im so happy that you made a video with Coco,i was actually about to request,bcuz i did recognize the twins from The Shining

dijon kuqi

You okey ✔✅✔✅✔✅


You may think I’m

Jessiah Castellanos

The astros

video games/bottle flips/Pokémon/ More

Who's watching in 2018 (not me)

amarisa rodriguez


But seriously think before you send and don’t send private pictures.

Elijah Moody

Anxiety Tells me there is a sniper outside my window


The music... the voice... the in game sounds. All so reminiscent to the halo we loved so much. Hopefully she has returned in full form for us in this new era.

Fred Jensen


Jamie Rawlings

Nice vid, check out my trick shots vid on my channel :)

Bruce Productions [INACTIVE]


Rafaela Cruz

I was born in 2010

Epileptic Pinky

Is not dishonored 2 is a DLC of dishonored

Anerie Gardner

i agree with rachel😂😂😂😂 at 6:00


5th view

LOTS and LOTS of amendments

David and Anna Lyndon



J Linde

guru  your awesome

*Hawkeye*: Wait what....??😳

Ben Hutchinson


Shin Tae Oh

I'm so proud of you. 💜

Brothers Perfect


Khalid Awil

I hope 343 brings back the old Halo online world, just with new fun big maps, all the armor and weapons from the Halo 2, 3 and Reach. And they cut back on the Hi-tech equipment like the jetpacks, thrusters and alien tech so it can be more competitive and realistic.

kavi preethi


Andrea Thom

I liked when ty throw his hat down