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“Freudian, a Visual”Directed by Keavan Yazdani & Sean Brown for theENDSWritten by Daniel Caesar Music by Daniel Caesar, Sean Leon, CaDaRo Tribe, Matthew Burnett, Jordan Evans, Nevon Sinclair, Ian Culley & Riley BellDaniel Caesar’s debut album 'Freudian' out now: Daniel Caesar:Website: Facebook: (C) 2017 Golden Child Inc.#Freudian #Vevo #RandB #Visual

Henry Frederick

you can not be that swety

The Shrimp

Seeing Elon Musk’s achievement must have been what it was like seeing the achievements of the industrial revolution.

Heer Punjabi

Whoa, 115 degrees!


When you show the paper, there was "The general promised cake" ==> Protal reference, right ? The cake is a lie.

-Guillermo 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Cool kids tv Richards

The eggsplosion was cool

Kyle Federico


Brianna Schiavone

finally, someone has seen the occuring Easter eggs!! thank you!

نجمة الصباح


Seweryn Zak

Worst fucking video it is normal to have that welp i dont know really so maybe i womt judge this vid :) *welp i wont like it or dislike the vid i am not even a teen * *LOL

Derpydeep Kinnan


Bryan Martinez

Cory's drift was bad in the beginning

Sam Sam :3


Rohan Nikam

This elon musk right?? I am saying before watching full video


Guru how do you find so much easter eggs? You need plenty of time. Do you find all of them by yourself? And why you did not use these for game's easter egg video? I enjoy watching your long videos.

mima Petrova

Why this boy is like Nico di Angelo?


video was more litty than paying fitty dollars for battlefront 2

nandi tv

I am famous player of this game

Immortal Natives

RIP Dominic Santiago

Cíara _chan

What does it mean by the drugs cant help you (i fell bad for you ) ??

Krystal Cha

What excally was the meaning of this?🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


idk if this helps anyone but the way i got rid of my anxiety was to confront it. to beat it! i would put myself in situations where i could feel an attack coming and i would practice controlled breathing! i didnt take no medication or anything and it worked. i no longer have attacks. you guys have to beat it! i know its scary, my first attack was when i was graduating and i was in the bathroom thinking i was gonna die, it scarred me but you guys can BEAT ANXIETY AND GAD! i promise! just be strong and remember WHEN YOUR HEART BEATS STRONGLY YOURE NEVER MORE ALIVE. so dont think ur dying. ur very much living. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Chess Geek

The cake

Alisha Browne

Tell J.K I'm still rolling 😂

The Outdoorsman

Do airsoft next!!!!


@NightmareCH Music is for my Glitching Channel, I never use music on this channel..

Unstopuble gaming ph


Georgia Bollinger

1:04-1:25. Let's gooooo

Bailey Thomas

Johhny manizel

Aerhiz Gaerlan

How about team CoKe

XxGacha LucyxX

That's so sad..

Rylee G