Criza de ras, a la Bendeac

Mishu are o criza de ras


3:01 thats what im talking about

Joyce T

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"You are the most complete nothing since the invention of the zero" LMAO roasted

FearlessOtaku GameDominator99

No winter is!😆 WINTER IS COMING! lel.

Song Life!

This made me cry. I’m very young and my dad is in his fifty’s. I know he is gonna die soon but I would enjoy the time he is alive. Btw my dad is left handed so he would die ten years early :(

kenneth manning

I pray that all of us can conquer all of these things that's making our life a living nightmare stay strong my brother's and sisters


oh so "normal" that i didnt even notice any of that^^

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Oh tiny pistol from men in black The fact that whoever wrote this hid behind a bullied little girl for the audience’s sympathy is gross too. Homophobia is homophobia. It doesn’t matter what form it takes or who’s partaking in it. Not accepting the LGBT community isn’t an “opinion differing from the majority”. It’s oppression. It’s like saying “I don’t support the banning of slavery.” I just.. why does this exist in 2019? Where did we go wrong as a society?

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Whoa Cody is taller than CP3 and Carmelo

The magic Pencil animations

Description: what would it feel like if text messages were real?

Jillian Cortright

Garrett Hilbert had the best, very best, ROCKET!


I did the bigfoot thermal easter egg

Leon Heuer

23 Bounces

courtney jackson

Come on Chandler I believe in you

Danny Franco

Thats because Michael Rooker played Merle and He was in that zombie map. So yea thats why it sounded like him.

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Loving these videos. Please produce more or I will taste your nuts.

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I usually don't cry but this made me cry a lot

Jadon Brooks Vlogs and gaming


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in bioshock 1 in the theater the man playing the piano u can hear the song bird in the backround in 3

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Gets iPhone:

Stacie Morris

Do a hockey trick shots

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the graphics are so bad..

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കൂയ്. ഒന്നു like അടിച്ചിട്ട് പോടാ ഉവ്വേ

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ifle tower

Елена Черткова


Lochiegamrpro G


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He was so happy at the end, it was cuuute!.!😊

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In the hospital man!

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rug 🙌

Mr. Mellow

Are you ok. Your boyfriend is stopped but your smart your boy well he’s not your boy anymore so yeah

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look for thesigns

Evan Krhla

do a part 4 plz i have whatting a long time

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i will thumbs down if ty wins

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Is he the brother of bale


Yussssssss!!!! I'm gonna be twerking all the way to my PlayStation remote to cop this 😂


I'd like to also point out that in Ciciregas album, the song 'transmission' has Morse code that spells out ' SMASH MOUTH ' : D

SCP- 001


Bino aka Binè

porca troia!

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Beacuse My Hobby Is Gaming,I Do All Kind Of Videos Like  The marathon Continue 💯

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I really like your trick shot stereotypes panda battle vids and panda does put a smile on your face i would like to meet u guys sometime

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Hey are you indian I think that because your mom was wearing a scarf

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started to cry for no reason in school "S-S SHU-UT U—U-UP"

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Well this was a boring trailer

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Coby you are very best


I thought it said spaghettisalt

Seth Allen

I dont know why thay are not apart of the world golf champions

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It saved your life until trump became president

you don't know beans

This story hits so close to home for me. I went 10 years without speaking to my mother. She wasn't even abusive to me. She was so loving to me. She use to make me dresses when I was little. She always taught me that you should never judge people by their appearance. I heard a lot of racist stuff growing up. She never did any drugs or drink alcohol. Everyone who knew he just loved he. I was 15 when I left home. My mother was an amazing mother to me except for just one thing, she didn't protect me from her husband. He was such an evil man. He was the drunk, druggie racist bigot I had to deal with everyday. I tried so hard to get away from him and at 15 the only out I saw was suicide. Obvious that didn't work. I didn't know what to do to escape him. I couldn't understand why my mother stayed with him. I started thinking of ways to kill him and that is where I knew I I had to run. One of us was going to die. This is so sad but true. I hate that I ever thought like that but I just wanted the abuse to stop. I am sugar coating the extent of the abuse. It was very sadistic. Mental, physical, and yes sexual. He killed some of my kittens just because he wanted to punish me and that is the extent of the abuse I will elaborate on. He's my stepmonster! He abused my mother too. I was put in a terrible foster home and forced to testify against him in front of all my family and friends. It was a circus and I was the freak. My mother was on his side and I was all alone. My this 15y old girl against the world. It was so awful and scary. I just wanted it to all go away. My mother begged me to drop the charges and even asked me if I was infatuated with him. It tore my heart apart. I was hoping by me running she would get the courage to leave him but she stayed. I felt so abandoned and that was so much more painful than the abuse I had to endure. Fast forward 10 years and I joined the Army. When people asked about my family I would tell them my mother was dead. I just didn't want to have to talk about my abuse and why I don't speak to my mother. It was really non of their business. I was dating this guy and things got real serious. I became pregnant. It was time to open up and be honest about my past and so I shared my whole truth. That was the first time I ever opened up about my childhood. It might have been a week later that I got the news my mother had terminal cancer and she so desperately wanted to see me before she died. I flew home to see her with her first born grandchild. She was so happy to be a grandma and we never talked about the past. It was like no time had past. My stepmonster had left her years ago for another woman. I wish I had known. I lost 10y with her and only got 2 weeks before I had to say goodbye. I love my mother and always have. My mother was a great mother but she was very weak. She tought me how to be strong through her weakness. I married that guy who I opened up to for the very first time. We have been together for 17y and he is my best friend, my soul mate. He is everything my stepmonster was not. My mother showed me what I didn't want in a relationship. I never settled for any bullshit in a man. Like I said I grew strength in her weakness and she gave me an amazing life as an adult. My stepmonster shot and killed himself shortly after my mother died. He really was a tortured soul and after learning of his death I kinda felt sorry for him. He was all alone, not even my 3 brothers, his children wanted anything to do with him. Although what my mother did was wrong I forgive her. We never spoke of the distance those 10 years and we didn't have too. I know she had a lot of regrets as I did two. It was a bittersweet ending to a really tragic story. A new beginning for me in my venture into motherhood. I was determined to do things differently for my kids. I have 4 now. I tried so hard to be the opposite from my mother although I did retain her sweet heat. I try to find the good in everyone although I am quick to leave toxic people behind. I love animals and could care less about money or fancy stuff. I love God and always try to do the right thing. I only focus on the good things from my childhood. Most people assume I had a really great childhood by the way I talked about my mom. Very few know my whole truth. Hold on to the good things and never let evil defeat you.

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Aaron is my favorite football player