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Tara DeKneef

A while ago I got a behind my back throw and got it in

Hephaistos The Smith

the easter egg with the director looks more like shindy a german rapper

Zain Majeed

Tuff 🐍🐍🤮🤮

Aidan Stratman

carmelo has a cool yet arrogant demeanor but is somehow not annoying


I feel so bad for panda lol

Sarcasticism Java

Adapting meme reference to your comment is so cancer.


I watch all the episodes so I can eliminate 1 person that we all know because garret always says I bet he won’t win

CodeHurricane Studios

Where are those pictures 7.7

Garrett Grathwohl

Watching in 2017

Becca Ray

The bitcoin joke did not age well.

The Juggling Riot Guy

Tyler: Be a bouncy ball, bounce back!Me: I will!

Striking Vipers X


I feel you


Let’s go in the back and make love👌🏾 some serious Disney stuff here😂😂

This Story is Absolutel

Pohaku Rabang

Did you even heard “what” in0:53 leave a like if you do hear it

Headless Ninja

2019 anyone?

GhoST Squad

is that all? i mean is that all easter egg in battlefield 1?


Ty really said "uno,dose,trayse"

So does this mean we will be getting are Easter Egg video's with your voice now? Instead of reading the video? That would be awesome! And again don't stress brotha, you have a pretty bad ass voice my friend! Kinda like a James Bond or something cool like that.

Johnny Hsieh

its both a blessing and a curse. Prevents east asians from drinking resulting in much less achohol related diseases but if drink, the effects are much worse.

Simo P

This is is a sad story and im not funny i know but bruh 3:46



Absolutely Gnarly

if anyone is curious of the music at the start, is called "Gustavo Santaolalla - The Choice"

Stayed for the editing

Adam A

Twas nice too see Man U win a game this year...

Afu Kneename

Time to shoot some skeet...Ahahah


I never liked Pete Carroll during games, but he seems like a chill dude

T H E M A R A T H O N C O N T I N U E S 🖤💙🏁

Rodrigo Omidewi

E nesse filme que ela acorda a bela adormecida num beijo gay?

Jordan Brink

Team up with OBJ

Evelyn Machado

any and all versions of Euphoria are top notch and I love it! This video got me so soft and emotional, but if I'm being really honest I think it would be a even greater fit if paired with Begin, since the lyrics are about JK's love for his hyungs and all those videos are pieces of their shared history. But just WOW, Festa 2019 really isn't holding back <3

GamingReality '81

It looks like R6 went on mutants planet in mission !!!! Horror in da house !!!

Molly Parker

Why they always where pink on pink ?

Gervais Somauroo

How is tyler so good he is a god

Sanni SS

4:38. Oh hey lele😂

J's Fishing

My life is over, ha jk lt ended along time ago

Team Sincap


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Nothing but string

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Why did you delete the Black Ops battle royal easter eggs video ? :( I saw the notification yesterday and wanted to see it later.