Comedy Short Film - Cratch - A funny, but an eye-opening conversation between two complete strangers

From The Makers of 'Meera' which crossed 14 Million+ Views On PocketFilms YouTube ChannelClick or copy the link to a browser to Watch Meera - two individuals coming from two different parts of society with completely distinctive thought processes COLLIDE there would be Chaos, Confusion & a lot of disagreement, but would there ever be an eye-opening conversation? Watch this short to find out Kamrul's unique take on Life and how it affects Manay's perception towards it.Subscribe to our channels for a new short film everyday - Here to Watch New Releases - to know more about us and our activities including films, #contests, updates, etc.Cast & Crew:Director: archita agarwalMusic / Sound: sourajit deEditor: kshitij singhCinematographer: kshitij singhActors: amaan asif, ashish pandeyFor Latest Updates Follow Us on Social PlatformsFollow Us on ►►►►►►►FB - - - Films' Network Channels►►►►►►►Dekh Bhai Dekh - Kids Channel - you a film maker? Want to showcase your film / documentary and also generate income? Contact us at

samuel lee

NF > Eminem


0:02 CoD Zombies anyone?

Jayson H.

I been on that ship before

Idle Account

I’ve never been so hype to a children’s movie before. But then again there’s Toy Story 4, but that’s my childhood.

Sphinx Wojerz

Don't like the way they rendered a lightsaber they keep. Making not interesting stories. Movement to me looks terrible I don't know but I'm still a fan of old jedi academy. Terrible terrible big let down

Merit Bosma

Thuis is pretty cool!

Ol Dirty Bastard

I dont get the first one

Guru James

See how nicely they went over to him. Change that to a black person and they would have had 2 or 3 security officers in uniform come get him to embarrass him

Kfir Guetta

מאיפה כל הגביעים האלה

PBL Nikas

you take 100 turns


My Kaiser cafeteria has rEALLY good pho for a hospital of all things. I could eat there all day.


The promised neverland is fire

RottenMilkUgly _

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Teairra da Baka UwU

Why is this channel called “MinuteVideos” when it’s longer than a minute .-. .....this is 10 minutes...the videos are interesting...oof I’m just random

Enzo Pupo


Amelia Ridge

I know how sad it is my baby cousin is in an incubator too 😔😢

Ethan Sutton

7 was so funny

Mr. eccentricities

lol not subtle

Logan thompson

same thing happend to me he responed

Sotravan Meng

Wait is it Thailand or Cambodian story???? 🤔🤔 (No hate it's just a question)

2019=50M Subs

Ila Ranade

Love the purple base color



Krishna Subedi

Ty and his dad looked most alike

Leaving your loved ones

Donna Brown

Tell Morata that his is trash at a madrid


I mean she keeps on wearing that outfit so no wonder she got asked...


Tyler is good at doing that accent


Feels like Rockstar is sitting up for a huge Easter egg or, for all we know, a whole game that is about that spaceship. And maybe it all rotates around that mountain. As the mountain you climb to see this ufo could very well be mount chilliad itself.

New Orleans

The beginning sounds inspired by G eazy, the middle sounds inspired by Logic and the end sounds inspired by Eminem. This is awesome NF

periods ended

Moto Mick

im legit worried ill get diabetes later in my life cuz i eat so much sugar, if i stop eating sugar now will my body parts heal and ill be able to eat more sugar later in my life or should i just never eat sugar in my life ever again?

The Electric Wolf

What’s Madden?!

Brian Reesor

I have Corys hat

Dorien Foroutani

Man I can relate 😂

ShadiestRelic25 Fortnite

Like if panda and marshmello should show their faces

Ñightmarê Studiøs

People are anyoing...There are so much kids who had such hard life and are waiting for new...Better parents...Better life...You can adopt!You can save at least one life...But no...It needs to be yours...I cant belive it...


I am dude perfect cousin.


Never got 4


Dark Souls 1, during the DLC, you meet Marvellous Chester, an unlikely character to be in the Souls series right? Because he's a Bloodborne character. From software knew they were making Bloodborne before they made, or at least released, Dark Souls 2...

Ava's vloges fun


Love ❤️

irgi samsung

Wehere its

Archael Diaz


David wakawa

Team cody forever


Guru!Barcenevas stole multiple clips from your videos in his funniest easter eggs ever video

game that's still in dev but can be pre ordered on Xbox one, PlayStation 4 and PC

meme addiction

This sounds very familiar

Brittany Bachelor