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Steak Williams

Its obvious they aren't actually making these trick shots, they're all just filmed in reverse

Jr C

“Oh hey, I am Gucci” - Rug

Stoked My Dude

08:10, that icon on the object shown on the lower left side of the screen, reminds me a lot of a vanguard icon. From the game Destiny. 😊

Rhea Johnson

Dude to 888111

xXLana Makes gachaXx

Can i buy a polly please??? HOW MUCH IS POLLY I WANT TO BUY ONE PLEASE!!!

My name is shufaufka And my dad knows god

Falling from that far up hitting the water would make the impact so bad it’s basically like hitting concrete




2:15 btw a113


If they do keep any mechanics from LA Noire I hope they keep the shooting. Its one of the best I've seen in any game.

Janie Ebmeier

I did both

Bryce Herbst

Get her phrosetic limbs!!!

Patrick Echon

DUDE. 888111

Taylor S

Ugh I hate people like this who think it’s okay for them to just avoid tax just because there immigrants. You should have got your Cisny ship when you could have a LOT of people have it worse then you.

Isaiah Vance

they is not fake

Charlotte Emily

Well you definitely spent too much on rage monster this time rip tv

Chamberlayne Ran


EvanJaiden Gaming

1:14 flex seal 1:25 flex tape

Shalayne Johnson

This looks better then the first one :)


Casey Risner

Outback is so much better in my opinion!

MLG Caillou

3:14 look at the background

(• • )



Jacek Zielinski

Why didn't you warn me of jumpscares!?

Patti Lewis

steelers 2018 draft

BECAUSE HE’s TIRED OF PACKING TEAMS BY HIMSELF. That’s why he walked away from 30MILLION, because he wanted to be on a team where he had other people carrying the load in the playoffs. He didn’t give up 30MILLION to go to another small market where he has to pack the team. Look the only reason the raptors have a chance is due to injuries, can’t hope for luck every year. The very best place for Kawhi, (because he said all he wants to do is win) is the Lakers. You have a beast of a load carrier there all ready and Kawhi going there would bring Klay Thompson there because Durant is staying in GS.

Foggyleaf Exist

The transphobes are quaking

juan pedro

hi pro

I’m always sad and scared


Easton 💪💪

Tavo Smith

i love this game, there's also a just cause one around the dunes.

crem pufs

Best part is the coughing and crying during the movie in the cinema, you should make like a ten hour version. Also good job on the video, great as always.

Alone Bot YT

We want to see eden hazard❤

Dead King

Let's go t

Daniel Meloon

Every time you bring something up that’s from western NY I get a little hyped up. Love that your from somewhere close to me

Hitesh Ramrakhiyani

a man was sitting in the bus which was full and girl 🙎came and played the national anthem. the stood up and the girl sat down on his place and dumped him 😁😂😂


Haha drumming with bowling pins at the end

Ali Shadiqien

I wait for updated new videos, i'm from indonesia..

Wildan Nafi


Jpp Punchard


Peyton Chambers

starting to quistion while ty keeps winning hmmmm pro probibly because its fake.haha i disliked the video.also unsubscribed

Cero Ashura

Bring out the gimp.

Drákos Synicle

When you're doing the golden chicken easter egg in Gears of War 3, you don't need to shoot inside the pipes