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Chaitram Latest Telugu Short Film, Directed By Dinesh Pyrapu. #Chaitram #TeluguShortFilms2019 #LatestTeluguShortFilms2019 #DineshPyrapuBanner : LB Presents, Dinesh EntertainersShort Film Name : Chaitram (Teaser)Cast : Sravan, Durga Siva Prasad, Pranavi.Screenplay & Direction : Dinesh PyrapuDisco Raja | Comedy Entertainer | COMMON MAN Series | Episode #2 - MAN - Original Series Epi 1 - Nee Valape Short Film - 2 Hero Telugu Short Film - Independent Film - Killer Short Film - Telugu Short Film - Telugu Short Film - Of Fathers Short Film - Telugu Short Film - Ready Telugu Short Film - Gnapakallo Short Film - No To DRUGS Short Film - Bullet Telugu Short Film - Nenu (Gharshana) Shortfilm - Sha Telugu Short Film - Racha Racha Comedy -

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6:49 - Austin “Hits the Woe”


tfw thr video itself have some (obvious) easter eggs. I really like you ^^

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