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Dudeperfect2 Dp

I liked the last one


Game Aleks

Part 2

(I commented this because of the description)

Ralph Mayers

nice job as always)) Where do you parachute to? Constant routine checks? Ejections doors over the entire plane? Parachuting at near the speed of sound, with a bunch of untrained people? With debris going everywhere?

Shadow Kong

Do a lacrosse battle

Rosslene Reece

Why cant this girl shut upppppp she is so annoying 😒

Kina Utami


jean carlos aponte

Si hay sol, hay playa

Luke Viscardis

Cody is as tall as Labron

mayra En

You should add the opening scene to dexter when he’s making eggs and the drip of blood from the meat idk..... just a thought.........

Adrian StixGamer

I almost passed out due to i didnt drink and eat enough.. But then I got water with sugar i drinked it and then i got normal.. I remembered that i saw everything purple when it appeared and then appearing black then i got that drink and then it worked..

Anyway for the video great job as always and if persons says you lack of making videos are bad because it's too long, i just want to say "Patiance is a vertue" Or something like that, You aren't a gameplay person more a person who show/found easter eggs.

Henry The Hockey Kid

obviously checkers


Why is it black there?

Shy Banana

Sure the doctor

And By The Way, Thanks a lot I have learned many things in your story.☺