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The MLB sure is full of odd things. What's so odd is that odd things don't happen so often, which is what makes these odd moments so odd. So I made a video about the oddest odd moments around the odd MLB to prove that the MLB is quite odd sometimes. Did I mention that in the MLB there are some odd moments?I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CLIPS!ALL RIGHTS TO THE MLB!JUST FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES.


your a good person stay strong and may God be with you

Joshua Duchmann

Here’s a joke coby winning

Xavier Dennard

Remind me of speaker knockers alot

sexeli 69

Ef yeah dude finally, i loved botw so i am thrilled to see what this one is going to be like

Aaron Lipham

Time for me to hit the weights!


Gone vegetarian for 12 year and never looked back!

Lindsay Jameson

I think he's going to do good


How are you running so fast at 5:15?

chris marti

bru i hate it when ty win's because he always wins

Minor Glitter

Wait.... there is a dub for the promised neverland 😍

Spencer Spivey

If you hit read more you are a weirdo

Roxy The Blue Fox

Trans gender!

M Family

Ty you have to let someone else win

Brandon Hubbard

Panda is a white guy

Lauren Victoria



After so many years he offers food to Max and he said no.. ! "U fool" Gandalf voice 😂


the cake is a delicious lie

Pure Hope Wellness With Rhonda

we are moving to where you guys are my name is Adelyn


John cena


Hope you find more. One of the Safe Houses is basically a parody of an Ubisoft office.

Jack L

I was waiting for the Wii Bowling sound when the 120 pins went down lol it looked like the same camera angles too hahaha

Mikey The LEGEND

Nice reference HOO HAH

Ayran Johnson

This beat is fire

Chloe Ogurek

I have watch only like 11 Dude Perfect videos and in about 6 of the 11 videos Ty where's a Michigan hat (and a Red Wings jersey) is it weird that I noticed that..?

Ellie and Isabel

Wow grongowski

Fabian 16


Wolf Yeezy

12:20 link me your Spotify playlist Guru cus all the songs you choose are perfect

loser 55

Where's Justin Y?

Husain Tawa

Please do tennis trick shots next

Israel Diaz



1:09 fuzzy face

D To99

I need a budokai tenkai 4. All characters from all the different dbz sagas, whole db story

Vinillafrost バニラフロスト

You could always adopt a baby


Everyday, I always blame myself for what I did and that I didnt get to achieve my goals. Even though I still blame myself, this video kinda helps a bit so thank you for uploading this

Gabriela Rodriguez

I've had a nervous breakdown in school i was crying and laughing because a kid was kicking my foot under the desk, and it is really embarrassing when everyone looks at you and I told my parents and they said "read more"

Scottie Burgess

well, i got my inside easter egg...

Germi Sana

BO BO BO BO BONFIRE *beat goes nuts

Isabella Mashburn

You go girl!!!

Sarah Wakaal

Please don’t judge but I sometimes don’t take showers for at least 3 weeks

Press J Gaming

It must be so hard to see


You got it girl you got it 特別なんだお前を持ってるな

Colonel McWaffle

cory parallel park was not even a parallel park

Textingstories greek and english

According to my parents : if there is someone better than you, become bettwr

Nerdy Gaming Network

Russell Wilson is the man...SCREW AARON RODGERS.

Traci K

The old guy is not dead

demetri sheffield

This shit go crazy


Brazil will win

Samfan4 Films

compared to to others... the rage monster was P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C!

Karen Lloyd

I love my kids they are the ones who keep me happy

gUesS tHeY NeVEr mIsS hUh

Tony Z

Oh Snap, Son! They did THAT!

Thomas Bates

100% that Coby will win. Also, Ty is my favorite

Benjamin Raymundo-Ramirez

There comes the Rage Monster