Jack's bar - YouTube

Jack opens up bar in his house

görkem gökalp

in the 2.27 there was some OttomanEmpire items.I know it because im from Turkey.And i am sure

Rohan Maharaj


Doki Doki

Dynamax Squirtle

Ayden geist

Hey DP, Was there ever a golf club in your intro?

Mohammed Elaiwi

Hole in one

I’m Not a Monster

Guillermo Garcia

you can do it in roblox

Gabe LaMonica

My dad went to Zambia Africa to help the poor to


do a shot at the christo statue



Katie Chapman

My period:

Hello Hello

WTF!Jason Voorhees

Will Morgan

If you are watching this in 2019 like this

Alex Mathews

I’m not saying I’m the panda,I’m just saying me and the panda haven’t been seen in the same room


I’m the Avoidant type and my partner is the Anxious type👀

Ian Sherwood

It's interesting but the music is killing me

Prof x 1001

3:24 damm I need to learn that skill.

Kiera Alisha YT

My sister died before she was born at 4 months

Clair Ryan

Her: I fell in love when I was three

R3ap3r 201


game addict

these guys are awesome

Mac Laganse

I was an introverted kid

L- Brooke

1:15 I died 🤣

Sosamma Francid

teacher were is your homework


you should do the movie The Wife next

Andray Portugaliza

2:52 dat cheez balls....