What Indian Girls Like During Sex? Brutally Honest Answers

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Isbit ad-di-das or ad-deed-das

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Garet has the best rocket

4. My crush gave me a koala bear

Mahsa Khorrami

Okay... I'm totally lost... WHAT'S GOING ON?????

does brown hair

Britt Berrier

Alanta braves

Jonathan Angel

its my birthday

CuteGamer TV

DAAAAANG! What The Heck?! Was A Helicopter Crashed Into This Skyscraper

Mr Spells

Poor Garrett

ME: GOD DAAAAAYM! this songs contains a force like no other!!

A n o n

3:53 S U C C.

Borderlands 3 That’s unfair

Mert Akcakavak

kiss my ass


Didn't got the Splatoon one, what did that guy say?

Yushiro Gowa

That scene where they get high still horrifies me to this day...

Philip Heleba

#YIAYjob her job is to look happy on camera


What about the end credits Easter egg?


Never heard SImone say I love you to anyone that many times. this young man really left an impact

Justina Ocheltree

The only thing I love about the zombies is the noise they make.


The only jerk here is you Good God. If I was a boy and if I was your boyfriend I would never have even dated you. Also, I think the title should have been "I was a jerk to a nice guy"

Big love and respect🤩😍😘

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