The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl (2004) - Best Scenes

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Jantzen Golden

No ones perfect

Itz_ Cookii

Maybe she died By the nails you ate?!

Christina Reigelsperger


Estefani Balderas De La Torre

hola sus vídeos estan padres

talha emre ünal

I have a question guru: What do you think about all the bullshit in the game?

Captain Alex

There's no better world cup place than Brazil


Awesome TV show. Really hope there is a season 2!

Asmat Perween


Cameron John

What is that circle cart called at the beginning?

Lee Currie

There's one where Emily falls during the fire tower collapse and lands on a window, this is similar to that seen in Jurassic Park: Lost World. Another when Mike cowers away from the Wendigo that takes Josh. His pose resembles Ripleys pose in the Alien films.

Brandon Lee


Thanks Square Enix

Armon TS 3 HOOP AND LIFE seires!

The tnt exploding flour is like the end of the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mk i

I dont get it you're facin all this and u are scared to leave??what the hell is going on in this world??


Daily Cookies

1 like: 10 slaps for the teachers and students that say that you couldn't achieve your goals

Plant/Vegetable Rights Matter

His name offends me.


The everyday life of dude perfect

Sebastian Aponte


Miguel 9781

This is an awesome vid and btw I came back to the channel cuz I got bored and I wanted to see something cool But I have one question.What happened to panda?

Josiah Burkhardt

There is so sound in space. Sound is vibration, and since space is a vacuum, there is no matter to transfer the vibrations to your ears. Sorry nerded out lol

Brett Hazlett

in zombies me and my friend were just starting and when the ground cracked she bought the rifle and she got the raygun instead of the rifle like if thats happend to u before


Easter Eggs on Far Cry 4 or Advanced Warfare!

SneakerHead Cris

Lol expecting a flood. Who wear sweats above the ankles 😂😂😂

Agitated Skeleton

Wow you guys are really creative with your comments, huh?


Shes great

Mackenzie Lee

You can still do all those things you wanted with a child if you ADOPTED!

Jiminie - Hyung

I did not shower for a month

Gee Quiy

Is it a trend having depression and anxiety or what ?

Burger King

Does anybody remember you of I love yoo on WEBTOON


I can show you some easter eggs in hell on wheels

Jasmine Banuelos

Manila Philippines

Wilfred Hilbers


Tails Plays


Syd Harrington

Dynamax voltorb: exists

potato life

Lol i thought the richest man in the world is Bill Gates


You could get some good stuff if you had young adult book hero's. You know like Harry potter vs Percy Jackson vs Katniss and whatever other is normally included when listing them