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Michael and Lauren's longtime happy marriage turns rocky when their teenage son is accused of a crime and only Lauren believes his claim of innocence.Upset with Michael's inability to see things her way, Lauren turns to another man for comfort.When Michael is faced with mounting evidence of the affair he confronts his wife, who refuses to admit her infidelity.

Always stay with your husband they will be rich too


Sister squad who

nību guryupusu

Girl you are a heroine

Stephanie Garcia

You’re so awesome !!!!


It's a stylized kind of graphics. It still looks very nice and beautiful.

casey matchen

righteous man, keep up the awesome work!

Joe Lafy

get the blue out of there

want some sprite cranberry?

phycopath: aight open the window


I really liked Journey but this game just doesn't appeal to me from the Character you control to the under water world. I had more fun exploring underwater in Call of Duty: Ghosts. That's just my opinion.

Harrison Major

thats fooking awesome!!!!


I can't believe how embarrassing the other woman ism that poor daughter and woman

ethan: "yell at us."

Meme Regime

Guru I would like to say I appreciate the time you take show us the were or what the Easter eggs was originally from and to warn us about jumpscares

Mahdi Kassem

The best part was the whole video

A heart attack almost took my life.

Grandpa Horror 🗡

I hate the rage monster

Brody Fizer

I knew it was checkers


4:23 ... that looks wrong in so many different ways

atlantic ninja

Stay strong

Beverly Elle

Is no one going to talk how bomb that jacket is?????

King Knud

Where toy story 2

Origami Island

I sadly have type one too / one like = one more shot of insulin and lantus for me

Joel Nokkala

why is there hand egg videos on the list when I searched FOOTBALL trickshots.


KD wants full credit if he shuts down Kawhi too.. it works both ways but we all know Max loves Kawhi.

iAteYour Cupcakes

this video makes me feel so under-dressed

Aman Dhull

Who came here for the real football but was disappointed

Star Crystal

24th also this is really inspiring!!

Dustin Kearney

false rape accusations it sounds like

TI- 9341

Is no one going to mention the guy's name at 5:35 is Drake Raven?

Lea-Maude. Rosse. Nicolas, levesque.

I want to ne your freind sooo bas en i am sooo sory d'or you m'y dather is 11 en she is sansible to. Maby you cold ask your mom to talk to ôter mother ho have children ait the samedi sensibltes. I juste say love your self.💖

Lieutenant Dan

Please fire the girl.

Flaming hurricane3



@MrVikingsman18 Thats 4 fun.

Mark Elia Vinokur

Who is power rangers

Deborah Hudson

Who else really wants to do trick shots after this

gina ///

"now i'm a girl with an ugly, bald head"


Why don't they adopt?

Natasha Kings

"The Next story is so personal not even my mom knows"

Gabriella Viggiano

i love this volleyball is myb life thx dude perfect

Sheetal Vora


Shelton Johnson

I think that rob dardeck in that panda suite

Nathan Mack

Nine was my fave