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''BYABAHAR''ব্যবহার(use), is a Bengalishort film, based on theconcept of Domestic violence. Not only in the rural areas but, is still going on even in the city also.We tried to make a story related to the present situation of our society.An Inavouable Films PresentationCast : Sanjita Mandal | Sonamani Saha | SidSurojit Roy | Nilakshi Singh | Mahendra SinghScreenplay & Direction : Dipan DebsharmaWritten by : Subhajit Moyra & Dipan DebsharmaProduced by : Debashis DebsharmaCo-Produced by : Satya Ranjan Das Ananda Mayee Das| Manasi DebsharmaAsst. Director : Subhajit MoyraD.O.P & Cinematographer : Pabitra DasAsst. Camera Man : Amullya Raha Swasti Ranjan GhoshCostume| Make-up : Sudiptya MukhapadhyayAsst. & Set Designer : Debmalya DebsharmaMusic by : N D OfficialEditor : Dipan DebsharmaMaking : Sujan PalSpecial Thanks to : Malay Bakshi and his family ,Panalal Das Gupta | Supriya Prasad GuptaMusic Credit : Ross BudgenGreta Sting by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (watch our other Short FilmsNORMAL are we - FULL MOVIE - - FULL MOVIE - Unknown Darkness (Award Wining Short Film )LINK - Album - us on Facebook : Free to mail us regarding feedback : dsinavouablefilms1993@gmail.comPlease do Like | Share | Comment & Subscribe our Channel.#Byabahar#Inavouable_Films #Dipan_Debsharma

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