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Más tarde, en Driv3r, existe en cada una de las 3 ciudades, 10 Timmys Vermicelli que tendremos que asesinar; clara referencia al protagonista de Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Tommy Vercetty.

Andrej i Dusan

There's an easter egg when Joel falls on that metal stick the same thing happened in ,,Tomb Raider definitive edition"

Kadek Agus

I like dude perfect


not impressed

The Ninja Cat

50 mil subs panda reveal

oh Azzy

I don't think I can live without these guys

Phúc Nguyên Nguyễn

Do you guys think that Garrett always do the last trick shot and the last is always cool

Darrick Ting

Knock knock it's the FBI

Yelimar Suarez

ok... Ahora mi hipe a aumentado

Heather Grell

I watched a lot of your guises videos the most dumbest thing is when Ty is a range monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leila Shidane

Say ma name

Eva McNulty

Do more please please

PROD. Nezi

press 4 then 6 repetitively

Nazma Ansari

Cory shave your eyebrows

Ryan Poles

This was an eggzelent video just keep goin and never go into the eggshell


Ok mom and girl voices are not creepy but sad when u showed the clip

He Who Sees In The Dark

6:31 song name..?



its_an_avacodo thanks

I really dont know. I have lack of intrest and lost of appitite. But im not sure. I do not wanna bring up this issue with my parents, afraid of what they might think. I already know i am a mistake, and i am afraid they will be dissapointed. I have really been afraid of dying recently. Like i cant fall asleep bc i am scared of what might happen tomorrow. Will my family die? Will I die? I really do not know what to do...


Easter eggs in classic games were subtle made and fun to find them by yourself after playing a certain game alot of times ( since there was no internet back then , or not everyone could have internet ) . In modern games ( or even shows or movies) from 2005 to nowadays Easter eggs are pushy and forced like it is sort of a law to have these . Not that i dislike easter eggs but nowadays it frightens me how non natural and non subtle all has become . All is thrown into our faces way too much that it makes it difficult to enjoy something like we did back then .


This video should be called talos principle Easter eggs. That line about it not being a great year for Easter eggs is baloney and a cop out. There were a ton of games with Easter eggs.


When that dog passes away oof

Matt Cos

lol the doom 3 one was easy

Tumbling with JerBear


Hope you understand the thing above!

Garen M Yang


Big Dodge



@IAmHoTSHoTzz 1V1 ME!!!!


The editing in this was flawless! I was so into this video i couldn't look away lmao, Great work! All of you

Yeah, I don't think that I'll ever come down

Gonsalo Cerquetti

quienes son los 27k tan amargados y reprimidos que dan dislike? bien tarados

Suzi Hsn

I don't know how people hate gays that much, i really love gays and wish that i have a gay friend (I'm not gay but i love gay)

New channel Cat_Goals

Nobody will read this but my parents argue all the time. Before I was even born. I am 13 and this still happens and it can cause violence and the police being involved. I suffer frequent anxiety attacks and I just want to die ;-;

Ambot Lol

I see a panda

Reagan’s World

Next should be soccer

chaz Whitfield

He hasn't played in a while, he's hurt, he's due a huge pay day. Don't play.

C Jordan



Yeah sure, this guy who isn’t even over 30 yet created adidas in 1918 sureeeeeee!

Yeah right

Spare Tablet


luchol Rubio

A mi me encanto siempre las versos perfectos y el estilo para q hablarrr uffff q temazo lo descargare 😏

joshua iolot



I was looking for this song from the 1st time I heard it.... 3 days ago :)


WHO IN 2017!!!!

Adoption is an option.