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Boston is the debut album of the band Boston. It was released on August 25, 1976.Genre: Classic Rock, Hard RockMusicians: Tom Scholz, Brad Delp, Sid Hashian, Jim Masdea, Barry Goudreau, Fran SheehanTracks:1. More Than a Feeling2. Peace of Mind: 4:353. Foreplay/Long Time: 9:324. Rock and Roll Band: 17:085. Smokin': 20:086. Hitch a Ride: 24:297. Something About You: 29:048. Let Me Take You Home Tonight: 32:23

Kim Seokjin

is it true that they will make elsa a lesbian?

A rhetorical question


Deepak Patel


Kenneth Petovic


Andres Chiquito

When I play this game I actually play as Coby

Wussel Restbrook

Damn the girl in yellow got hit pretty hard

Joe Ainsworth

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Sprit Wolf

Who's watching in 2019


7:12 What happened to the world?

Taylor Harrison

At 55 seconds is harambe

Lalo Legend

Elle takes over the camera and shows the slime

Roberto Bernal


Nath Mancenido

Can you receal whos in that panda


if you dont serve him good ramen bowl..he will crush you like he crush john wick



Ok ending is fake all of it is

Wyatt Sadoski

battlefield it looks like al the easter eggs are dinos so like was it made back in the past well how they had guns like a real gun that shoots fast not back then where you like had to pump it or something like that it is weird

Raouf Benghida

I like it

Martin John Mifuel

Dphq2 stereotypes

Army, atiny BTS,ATEEZ

Streaaam !!!!!!!!!


your vid are acc so entertaining lmfaoo


It’s happenin kind of to me the now the fact that we have obnoxious delinquents in school systems in the western world who do this stuff to vulnerable children is unbelievable

The balloons are the burdens and the people in the backround have only 2-4 but NF got like 10 or something like this( he even says he brought some burdens with him and points at the balloons). Maybe it's because he is a person with a huge fanbase and that is really stressful (cause that is what success is) and his Depression alongside with his Anxiety and the ocd. Like it's a lot he has to deal with and maybe he got into a hospital = the white outfit he got at the end and in the search album he talks about things that happend while he was there... Just a theory lul

Mary Faile

What’s the song?


Thanks for watching, Vault Hunters! Make sure to subscribe for more Borderlands 3 info!

Corn Ham

Ridley is the origami killer. 

Why.Is.Gamora ಠ_ಠ

“I don’t want to say he’s a psychopath”

Titanium Titan

Ty should win because 1. his turn didn't need a booth review it was a guaranteed 3 drones2. his name is LITERALLY TY


2:20 I remember watching that video I was speechless at that part

That Kid Mech

the first easter egg doe...

Vilhelm Vadem Thorsen

D Also, I can relate to this— me being born as a girl but feeling happy as a boy.. (I can’t explain this too well I’m sorry..)

Shybert Guybert

Mfw all the comments are jokes

Claudia Ayala

My birthday is march 24 too