BNSF Military (Abrams Tanks) Train over Tehachapi - YouTube

BNSF Military Train over TehachapiApril 2017Enjoy!

Jordan Downing


P.s: Love you so much and I’m such a big fan! ❤️☺️

Imagination Productions

You guys should make a video in the same house that you made the first video in

Donovan Shelton

Dude perfect I love them so much

Maximus Lampus

As soon as CoD appeared I left.

Shubham Jain

Let's be real this is a really shitty trailer Disney.


Who is watching this when Los Angeles Rams got rekt by Pats

THE Sasa

Storboard: Jesus❤️

GachaGirlGamer -And More!

Ok so I'm going to be 13 in 3 months and I wanna die now... Or be transgender. Don't get me wrong, I LOVEEEEE being a girl! I love unicorns, I love pink, I even LOVEEEEE to wear really short shorts to show my legs off. I even LOVEEEEE to wear sparkling dresses. But, I might be transgender as a grown-up cuz of the period. I mean, I don't know how it feels because I never had my first period before. My friends told me about it and how painful it is, and sometimes I would feel left out... But I have this friend who doesn't have her period either! She's 8 days younger than me, and I've also discovered that u get ur period depending on the month you were born in, for example, most girls I know that were born in the summer only in moths june and july don't have their periods yet. My friend and I were born in July, so it kind of makes sense to us. But what really scares me is that when I went to a doctor's appointment for a physical check when I turned 12, my mom asked the doctor why didn't have my period yet and other girls did. The doctor said that all girls don't get their periods at age 12. After the physical check, the doctor said I'm getting my period when I turn 13. It's going to happen really soon, and I'm scared... To be honest I can't survive stomach pains or pains in my vagina... I react terribly to them. I wouldn't even feel like getting up to take a shower. So I'm scared now... I'm speechless...

River Fern

lol i call you from the depths of hell!

Taha Enes Uzun

Why did you decide to call it unintentional

Renee Gibson

he looks like Tom Brady

You better not broke ur promise🤞🏼

Hobbes Fred


Toilet boy 698

Game freak please don’t neglect the best thing you’ve made, mega evolution having huge Pokémon isn’t as cool as mega evolution. I hope you do something with mega evolutions

James Kingi

Real Bigg Ups 2 J.stone for this 1 much respect R.I.P KING NIP #TMC#A$I#

Kazbolat Talobzak

"the next chapter of the legendary franchise launching holiday 2020 with Project Scarlett"

itsyogurl shauntae

I'm 12 and I have really bad anxiety but I'm trying to live happy 😊

Cam Bam

Okay but breath of the wilds story was horrible,and the voice actors even worse. Gameplay was amazing but I wanted a new story with actual dungeons..not more shrines😪

KawaiiGamer girlove

I do not get #4

Turtle Guy

I am going there in 2 weeks and I am sooooooo exited plus my entire class is going but I dont remember a arcade machine


America, The place of Pride, Freedom, and Humanity, sure, sometimes our freedom of speech isn’t such a good idea from how it’s used. But it lets everyone speak freely, good or bad, Horrific or Beautiful. It allows all to say what they want and when they want. Unless your in the Military, there are strict rules on how you speak about Politics in the Military.


Cody: Lincon's not even on the pennyDad: WHAT AMERICA DID YOU GROW UP IN?Im dead


2:19 i laughed SO hard!

Minecraft 1



The last one though. Oh my.

god jihyo is my religion

Can stop listening to it🤘😍

Priclys Earl Bacani



My emxiety hurts me everyday


Most rappers: pulling gyals

Kcrum's Dojo

I like how at 9:36 the musics hyped up then he misses

Master Ryan

My dad has a mistress too


4:20 he like attacked me.... I’m dead

Karen Hendrie

water bottle trick shots



Xx KissyKat11 xX

I'm kinda psycho..

Vanni de Chavez

this is so creative and i really like those acting skills

Never gonna happen for me tho. No one loves me ;-;.

Scott Ireland

Great song