Bloemrijke akkerranden voor weidevogels

Het gaat niet goed met de weidevogels in onze provincie. Een kleine groep boeren probeert hier verandering in te brengen via het Flevolands Agrarisch Collectief.Met financiële hulp uit Europa krijgen de grutto, kievit en tuureluur meer de ruimte in de polder.

Abhay Kahlon

I liked because of Ty’s bum

LP13 CurryFace

So. This game looks exactly the same as the other COD games.




Ive been waiting for this game ever since sun and moon came out, my hype was unreal but it has died a little from this video, just look at that framerate its beyond horrible, i really hope its just because there are some polishing still to be used but if this is the true framerate of the released product i wont buy it day one, and i was so hyped to god damnit why gamefreak? D:

Joseph _ Scoped

Im the "mood swing" and I accidentally knocked out a chipmunk with a ball

Matthew Breda

that was one of my favorites

nichsieg640 SCS

The bow duncker


who has ever won carrying a tam alone

also really calming voice you have there i like it a lot.

Jello Jelly Gwen



Here's the funny thing u asked for 100 likes and you got almost 30 k

William Hooper

thats a girls ball?

Kimberly Canty

nice battle

Vuph 2

Df why are you using bleach

Ha-gyu J

타고난 재능도 있어야하지만 얼마나 연습했을까...

Micheline Dellevi

We know your name here in Guadeloupe, French Caribbean

Chad McDaniel

I really did have a lot of fun with this game but the ending could have been better, it was like it was rushed.

I wrote this not for attention but to give some perspective on this disorder. I hope some people with a panic disorder will also share some of their perspectives.

Juarda Channel

Im wait from Indonesia 🇮🇩

will bailey

Theyre not real bomerangs



Evan Jordan

Coby reality vs what we wish he had -10000000000.0.75


i wonder how many basketball they used

Okay so it's a advert about an app that let's you stalk your childs location

Epic SportsHighlights


Rin Chan

My sister has this type of OCD

Oskari Peurala

iS tHat A JojO ReFEreNcE???

Minute video: Yes


Fake trailer. I already saw the first trailer for Frozen 2 at the end of Ralph Breaks The Internet, and the whole thing was just Ralph singing like Rick Astley.

Christian Garcia

I think I have some of these signs

Ashikaga Yoshiteru

guru if you wonder thats my punishment for the haters and i hope the shut up i like you guru i learn to find eastereggs because of you your the best

Wendy Pekrul

Escalator king

Manny Padilla

you guysare good

Zabrina Dowett