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she talks to angels + lyrics

Daniel Michael

This depression remedy “fetching kafon press” (Google it) is so simple, so easy, and so accurate. I now volunteer at a shelter and the enjoyment I get from helping other individuals. I really didn`t have directions in life before I read this particular book. I never wanted to go out and speak with individuals for many years and been consuming antidepressants to cure depression..

theres a bomb in my car Name every other sports besides hockey


At 1:15 the ball hit Ty’s head 😂

Charlotte Diedrick

Am I the only one who heard acing say,”We can still have children!!!!!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂


To get the doge mode u need to liberate the area first

Stop Motion Master


It really hurts me you know...

confesso que chorei :( que bonitinho

Chea So bui

I think DP should do skydiving or bunjee jump


There's an iron throne made out of guns in pixel gun 3D

Steelix Onix

You should collab with griffy

Samarth Patidar

La flame literally sleeping at the studio😂 man a legend

Jayce Beverly

I really hate how they have a “leader” or ty

Adam Hassanain

anyone watching 2019 march madness


Ooola rockett



Total Craziness



If I was locked in bass pro and someone broke in with no weapon, I would just get loaded up and say Can  I help u?

Jeidy Lucas

Are you watching this in2019🏟

Nathan Flores

I thought the original IT was a movie not a tv series