Best Fails of the Year 2017 EPIC FAILS Compilation

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chai mongkol


MA plays

some guys hated me verry much. idk why but they just did. They tried to kick me and punch me but i knew better... Im going to kae kwon do and im pretty good to say myself( pls dont take it as bragging, just something in the story ) I know how to defend myself without or with hurting them. I used the things i learned and beated the nine boys without hurting them to much, just alittle pain

Galactic Gacha

wait so first it was the women's perspective then the guy's...?

R0bert M0ntg0mery

Oh Yea

Joseph Lowrance


Yeet Gernade

Wait... sorrier is a word?

Xie Han Foo

Giants in Frozen 2?

splash bros

sign up for basketball if your so good but your fake it takes a while to make the shots

kendall hafford

You hot dah baby you tripping


For spectating go to game rules I think it's game or player options then go to spectating scroll until it says free an there you go!


Do one for halo 4!


He typed it right but with Caps what you want?!

Joseph Munarin

why so any doctor who easter eggs

memesk k

Eat what you wanna eat ok FOR A TIME like for example breakfast snack time lunch dinner and dessert

I hope you understand the concept better ,ment no offence ,this is just what was happening ,have a good day😄




That dog in the graveyard one gave me the feels.


Take it you liked strafe? Hehe


What you should call he shot: Over the moon

david joseph

love all your videos, been binge watching them. Could you make a decked out poutine video? we'll all love some good poutine



Nils Dähre

I already knew that adidas and puma are related to each other

Oreo Boi

I can relate to bpt but idk what to do...

BlackDiamond 1880

My best friend helped me download hacks in Minecraft

Dino Bezuidenhout

You guys are frickken awesome

Joe Cloud

9 and 5 r not creepy also 4 was fake and 1 was altered


Josh Gordon could become an NFL superstar by drinking and drugging. Johnny couldn't


Link: look in being careful with the knife

Aswad Zephyr

Thank you for making this video. It reminded me how stories are important in video games. This is a powerful thing

Angela Barragan

Ive been in a mental hospital too. It’s pretty relaxing there. It’s just the same as in the video but also we did support groups and it helps a lot


~sorry my english is very bad i hope you understand it

So So

Lmfao it’s me ! I’m the friend with longer legs 😂😂😂







Agent Fusion

when i close my eyes for some reason i cant see


thats a ressiliant chicken

Raymond Liu

Welp we already know the plot.Elsa gonna use her powers to try andstop global warming but China prevents her from doing so.

Emma White

Before hearing about the Mexican part I thought this was Donald Trump

fares sajed

smart uses anything they have in nature

Shenyg YI Erick

Hi I am professional ping pong Are you interesting


WTF is 2:29


ah yes, this poor little straight girl's struggle of being bullied for being homophobic is totally worse than the real struggles lgbt+ people face. like, i dunno, suicide.