Best 10 LGBT Movies Of All Time (+ announcement with jazza!)

The best according to us anyway - add your own in the comments so we can share the queer representation brilliance! Jazza's Video: Patreon: Twitter: Website: ME MAKE VIDEOS___ MEDIA__Website/Blog: @heyrowanellisInstagram: rowans_room___HIRE deliver engaging and inspiring workshops and talks at events, businesses, and universities across the world (see below for more details).If you would like to speak about the possibility of me running a workshop or speaking at an event please get in touch via email: facilitate tailor made workshops, designed to give participants a variety of discussion opportunities, interactive elements, and a final longer task individually or as part of a group.The goal of my workshops is that participants come out of the them with actionable points to be put into practice afterwards, rather than feeling as if they had simply talked through the same old topics on that subject.___TALKS & PANELS___Talks, presentations, panels and Q&As allow for an in depth look at a topic or issue. I can deliver solo talks on a specific topic and/or moderate or sit on group panels. I have previously spoken on topics including:- Building Inclusive Communities- Using YouTube for social good and charitable efforts- LGBTQ+ Representation on TV/Film- LGBTQ+ History- Pop culture and Feminism- Writing Strong Female Characters- Women on YouTube- How to use YouTube/social media as a tool in your career.- & many more.Help us caption & translate this video!

Julian Morris-Haaker

Mayhem awaits, bring all of your friends!

bendy reyes

i play that game

Sam Arts

It’s true my aunts always go there


It should be Cody-wan-kenobi

Humphrey Wolf

0:35 he looks like Tadashi from Big Hero 6

a juicy apple

I want to leave my closet but i'm scared of it

harshit kashyap

Best host Ty

Leilani Rojas

No wonder why i liked that toy story scene so damn much😂🤔

Kayla 598


Lost Media

I'd like to see a timelapse of the thousands of attempts he took to actually make these shots.


How many out there wish that they had been dreaming, too?

Bryan TheArcher


flower girl

i want Breakthrough korean version too☺☺☺☺

Timon 2!!!


Edit: I am dead inside, more of an emotionless humain being, but I dont care :3 look how I turned out!

Si hay sol, hay playa h

Carson Metcalf

The end was funny

Lucas Deng

Team TY


always with a nice track.

Dionne Clark

10 likes for a panda face reveal!


Szép nice

Dat Boi


Aerin Campbell

My dude I feel for you it happend to me except I found out he cheated on me with 8 other people 🙄

TOTALLY inappropriate.

poptarts savage


Jacob Garza

dude 888111

Asher and Oliver Johnston


Tuwaitan Gaming

anyone 2018??

Yeonie Shin



this video was not sponsored by Gatorade

Nathan Vasquez

I'm eating takis

Happy_ Place

So while I was watching this video the things frozen 2 theory thingy pooped up on my screen Me: OH POOP

Daysi Z.creative

Where is the other episode?

fuckin lesion

I wish people would reference Dark Souls in clever ways that aren't just a bonfire or a praise the sun gesture. Like, call a character in your game Tsorig, Luet or Tarkus0 and see if anyone notices.

mano youtuber gamer

coby, cory brothers ?

Jack Salter


Gustavo Ruiz

Not going to make it

Kyle Mesia


Yim Yim

Her grandpa looked like stan Lee


Gamefreak Pitch Meeting:


hahaha dam

Billie Eilish Lyrics

I didn't get my period for two months and I thought I was pregnant with baby Jesus.

Izabel Menejyan

Can we join dude perfet


We all saw the virginity on the do not lose list, Jaiden.

2. Rhett might have been a bit biased on this one. Lol

Dakota Rand


Smash Dragon18

Who was beside tye at the start of the video??