Bee Gees Stayin Alive (Extended Remaster) - YouTube

A 1080 HD version is also available at: This SD version was uploaded for those having trouble loading HD videos in Google ChromeThe extended remaster of the song "Stayin' Alive" by The Bee Gees with footage from Saturday Night Fever.The video editing was done using Sony Vegas 12. The extended editing of "Stayin' Alive" was done using Adobe Audition Cs6.0, adding very little in the way of the remastered sound.Thanks for watching. Enjoy :)

Melvin Patzan

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Mixed hoes, white and black, like a beetle soup, ayy

ángelic msp

me: my leg hurts


Loved this!!! He worked so hard and did an incredible job! (I got all teary-eyed at the end when he was giggling during the standing ovation). He took that to another level and made me have fun watching, a true entertainer :D


Whats the music in vampyr in the video


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Why did only cory and coby go

Anton K

I've been hearing about Beetlejuice my whole damn life...I really don't want to watch it. Is it even any good? The title disgusts me.

Matthew De Alba

Lele was in the part where Alesso showed up! 5:04

Hunter Kuykendall

Hoo is watching now cause i am 2018 baby ya..


I loved the Jak series!

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zach Martin


Lord Gabe

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Ali sade


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0:59 anyone else see a fucking McLaren F1 in the background

6) you start to have breathing ensues

TurtleLover JJ

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Ty is the only one whose the most energetic!


Awesome video, as always! :)

Hassan Atif

Make another overrrrtime😉😉😉😉😉