Batman / Batman Returns | 4K UltraHD Blu-ray Review

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Only kidding fuck Olly


Do a face reveal

Corbeau Subtil

_ How many fucking boring YES jokes should we make in the fucking comment section ?_ Every single fucking person in the comment section: YES

Talha Kayenat

Does anyone have Grace's instagram?


How many times this voice has been used

Gabriel Harrison

Where's Gary??

Pinkiepool GamerBrony27

I'd don't know what it is But the music in background gets me hyped for the movie


This story made me cry like really cry,

Gael Paulino

2019 anyone

Ahmed Javed

Next athlete will be footballer messi pleeeeeeeese

clementino:why have nobody killed this twit yet

Alex Alkire

You guys should do a stereotypes based on a school day!


Manaal Mubarak

Hoeing old is this guy. He's been alive since world war one.

Jai King

You need a volleyball court for matches and trickshots.

Everything you post stays there forever. (҂`_´)

sezija stpd

I can't even feel sympathy to these idiots who won't call the police when bullying becomes physical.

Adam Ramba

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Katlego Mokaila

That Che Ecru sample 💥💥

Joseph Stalin

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Dezirae Lewis

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Nemesis Venom


Toraigh Holland

‘I was born to a seventeen year old mother who was only seventeen at the time’

ella._. Shorts

u guys should do softball with jennie finch or something

Creighton The Wanderer


Doge's Pixel Adventures

Yeah and this is supposed to be true =/

Carter 1809H

The Burj khalifa

Nala Frazier

They should have got a different narrator


Are they doing voiceovers now? lol

Andoni Baron Estrada

I'm pretty sure that face on the rock is Jesse Pinkman


Sami Kamili

2019 ?

Zai Gantala

i experiencing all of these..

Max Lorge

First thought on seeing the first car was Mr. Garrison getting a dildo up his ass

Briana Roegiers

Best shot i have ever seen!you guys rock:)

Turtle Gang

Nice shot from the sling ty

Nathan T.

The woman in the yellow shirt was obviously hurt. But that

Nice Man

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Mark L

In the cabin in the woods you can also see the twins from the shining BTW

j the joker O90

I'm a boy but I will never hurt boys and girls

I think it might be his accent, but he sounds like a 5 year old :) But in a good way ☺️ so adorable

Hayden Dookhie

I'm so fancy

Ziggy Vertang

This was my first and very favorite Final Fantasy game I ever played when I first got my playstation as a kid...So Excited for this...please be a PHYSICAL release though for the Switch.