Bal Ganesh 2 - Part 6 Of 7 - Story of Lord Ganesh - Cartoon movie for Children

Take a sneak peak into Mooshak's past when he was not just a meek mouse but a demon or Asura called Gajamukhasur. Look how this demon misuses his powers trouble all the Gods and the sages. When Bal Ganesh learns about the asura, he punishes him. Find out what happens next.For Daily Updates and Fun Stuff Subscribe at Connect with us on :-Facebook - Ganesh Exclusive Page- Twitter - - - BUY, SHEMAROO KIDS FUN LEARNING GIFT PACK, WHICH INCLUDES DVD's OF RHYMES AND STORIES, MAGIC BOOK, COLORING BOOK, CRAYONS AND MUCH MORE…FOLLOW THIS LINK - the app now and share it with all the asli fansAndroid: iPhone: a missed call on 18002665151

Yurii TGT

He always wins tyler


Doesn't expect that last 1

Michocolate Balingit

1 like = 1tyler in finals

Johnny Sourinphone

awesome guys!


My brother his birthday is march 3rd

Emir Kartajumena

I Ignored My mom For 100 Years

Sliced Bread



This song sounds like the 90s

Mira Lefu

Yhe only way to break a diamond is with another one or cut it with lazer

Lara Croft

Guru, if you're more comfortable with text, then use it. You've worked so hard to make us happy, so I think it's only fair if we let you do what makes you happy and not complain about it. (At least this is what I'll be doing.)

1. The bad mic


Go to 2:42 and pause


jimmy is wearing a shirt that say DE sants wicth is a bad guy in red dead redion


Great idea guru! I say you should keep making these!


0:00 - 0:07 call of duty activision intro sound💀

Nathan Landrum


puppy boy

I am like misse

artist: brOwn.


Sgt. Vern

Garret looked scary

Paula Beason

Ummm no hunny

Unicorn 1 M

The comment section is toxic so I’ll shed some light; roses are red violets are blue I’m a nice person and so are you(don’t call me out ik I’m copying people 🤣🤣)

Valentin Felipe

Do a stereo type vid plz am I right like if agree

mariah nope

Do we take a photo so you guys can see what we look like so IF we submit a story so you can draw what we look like

Ina Ric


King T

kinda sad the gta v one wasnt in this

Nihal Mahdaly

I wish I was in overtime with them

Rhiannon Josie

I understand this completely, I’ve been diagnosed with, ADHD, OCD and anxiety and it’s actually terrible, but at the same time they work together at just the right times sometimes, but they’re also very stressful


AKA emulator graphics. what's the point. Remake is the thing we need.


Meagan Magnin

Cody’s dad

Evans 35

when found this video from Alan Becker channel)

Stampy Loyed


Gregor Black

It sucks to have as a male. Js


for some reason I wanted to cry

Narte Uzuha

I'm in watch later and it mostly DP



Zurkiee YT

Do snowmobile stereotype

Sean Apollo

Producers and executives: Let's give people a sequel nobody asked for. Disney: Yes

aiden delahanty

In the thumbnail, is Tyler sticking his middle finger up?

Jhom Castro

Okay wait so after the Raid thing, do ALL of the trainers get the chance to capture the boss or just one of them?

Lauren Davis

That was not an upper 90.

Gretchen John

Cody at 4:47 scares me

Me: Ha Ha Says tea and biscuits

Elvis Martinez

Maybe I'm being dumb or something but what was the spoiler? Love your vids by the way!

Oral Abihai

Was any useless democrapts , getting blowjobs , in flight. Check the flight log, who was on the flight.!?? Will it surprise us!!.

Lutistua Simpson

Treadmill sprinter

Coleman Tranum

Yes 3 wins

Jeffy Smith

Ty is always the winner


Yep, xGuruKid

Jacearoni Studios

How has he not heard you'll shoot your eye out

Zain Shiraz

Part 2 plz

Ison Wood

aye it's that mouse

Aliya M

This is so me

Lewis Cook

Ignore that one underneath my sister wrote it


YouTube recommented:2009: ...2010: ...2011: ...2012: ...2013: ...2014: ...2015: ...2016: ...2017: ...2018: ...oof2019: PERFECT!

Cameron Siebert

you should do waboba trick shots

n i r a


Om Patel

Team TT