AutoMate - (LGBT Short Film)

Automate is a LGBT lesbian / Bisexual love story sci-fi short film set 10-20 years in the future.It's black mirror (San Junipero/Hang the DJ) meets Before Sunrise.In the near future, two young women, Sam (Katie Stuart from The 100 / Inconceivable LGBTQ web series) & Riley (Alex Duncan from I Love You So Much It's Killing Them), meet on a dating app that promises to find your perfect match. Confronted by their differences, they challenge each other on what gives their life purpose and their respective futures. Automate is a film about online dating, connection, and what relationships mean in the 21st century.End credit song: Mermaid by frankiie

Shadow_wolf 10

Why chandler

Matt Scagnelli

At 3:07 the sledgehammer goes into the desk!


I paused a Video and still heard a rocket

Jakeplays roblox

i hope panda is okay

burger life

im Vietnamese and if he was one of the attacking us the screw him for taking my cousin when he was a baby

Thanos :Am I a joke to you?

Just Dust In The Wind

The 10 mil. Shot is so easy I can do that anytime.

Nawal Saad

Saints got ripped off by the reps

Itz Julia H

This happend to my friend when she was born. She had the cord in a huge knot around her neck and she came out blue. She is always talking to people about it

Ed Gill

team Cody all the way

Umair King

How to make this plane



Mr. Gameplay

I looked behind myself at 14:43


you fool, the greenclaptrap can be found by jumping onto a roof oposite him, no need to do glitches

3. la noire ^^


He typed it right but with Caps what you want?!


I was waiting for this.


i like that he was coach in the first part of the vid


I really hope this game is longer that the force unleashed games because it looks extremely similar in gameplay. I loved those games bit always hated how short they were.

Dictionary: TIGER....

Cornelius Harris


Psycho Dad


Jay jay the best King

Hey I am a fan

Joel Sampson

you guys should do a fortnite battle in real life

Elias Jakob

Wow he was 13 when he found out oof that ist late. Better than people that belief their entire Life.

Rick S

"shoved"? Looked more like trying to keep him off that lady between them

Arib Zahid

Bayblade trick shot

The Internet Troll

When garret hit the mannequin he sounded like my dad

Kenny Meyer

If your watching this in 2017 your a true fan

extreme04is t

modern warfare  kill battlefield pinguin shii

My Salad WSR

Number 8 aka SpongeBob Squarepants wasn't a real joke. The area where that specific part would is on the back of his head.

Exotic_Killer123 YT

Will coby ever win answear: he will win once

Kkk 5757

Around it to Korea !!! Please 🙏🏻😔💔

Jordan Coffey

This made my morning. You inspire me.💗💗💗💗

Deepak Agrawal

How many of you guys paused to read the whole title on 3:55


400 Likes? You mean 4,000 Likes?




haha sword in fire nice dark souls reference you cheeky devs way to slip that one in haha amiright lads

Jenny Kares

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Kenney Knight

So cool

[BRK] Zayxkz

i was here at 500 views and i didn't comment:(


as always great vid guru and a happy new year to you

Tavi Guerrero

This was just insulting....should have stuck to the evaluation of meals. No need for all the extra.

Abhishek Rana

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