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Herzlich willkommen bei der original Lemoine Freestyle Monstertruckshow. Sehen Sie eine unglaubliche Show mit original Monster-Trucks aus den USA. Die Lemoine-Familie bieten Ihnen Action und Unterhaltung für die ganze Familie. Neben den riesigen Monster-Trucks wird eine atemberaubende Live-Stunt Show mit PKW und Motorrad geboten.Monster Truck Show LemoineBianca LemoineHerbertzstraße 2247809 Krefeldwww.freestyle-monstertruck.deViele weitere Videos auf:Many more videos on:Muchos más vídeos sobre: Beaucoup plus de vidéos sur:


The Ratman room at 4:08 is an Easter Egg in of itself. The words on the wall are actually lyrics to a song that you can find in another Ratman room later in the game. "Exile Vilify" is the name, the band is The National. The song was originally written for Portal 2. 

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I don’t think I have a ocd. I wash my hands all the time like everyday none stop. If I got to school I wash my hands if I touch someone, if I touch doors, chairs. At home I do the same, I use a cloth to open my doors at home and to turn off the lights. Sometimes if I don’t wash my hands good enough I will start to feel like bugs are crawling underneath my skin. But idk that’s just me

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Don Killuminati 1996


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