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Jack Cubes

He said garrett vs todd

Genji Shimada

Wait... what did you lie about?

Master Chef Season 1

I dont remember the game like that

james basmne

there's a guy in mgrr that says kept you waiting as well.

Sidra Hayat


Alex Alley

Purple hoses fan

Charles Prince

You're such a legend!

Evan Philio

Does ty always have to win

Biswajeet Bharali

Bloopers on 9:40....

Momotaz Khanom

Her:(04:41)For years and years all I wanted to do was help.

Dane Kruskamp

Do Mathew Stafford

Stephany Blair

Who's watching this in 2016?

Adrian Pras

Stop saying Vitamins like that

Michelle Edmondson


Mike CanKill

Barack Obama goes sneaker shopping

Brody Hale

Number 2 tho

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Jorge rodriguez

WHO is watching this in 2014


both of you are legends and your statues should be built in front of the ufc pi.

solo star 142

Beautiful red headed boy


Pause on 1:59 you can see the half life logo.

finn's wife

i hate her parents so FUCKING MUCH, like, i love dogs from the bottom of my heart, and i am so sorry for her

Zidan Pathan

I live in Africa and I feel sad cuz 1k people disliked seriously they don't have a heart


Fill in the blankGonzaga___Duke ___If you got both of them correct tell me and I will subscribe to you



"Raven's Banquet" as in "A Feast for Crows"?

Mahima Sharma

it was obviously checkers!!!!!


That means tom is in 21.7 percent of REACT videos!


I was bullied for being an introvert.

Carcharodon Carcharias XVIII, Ruler of the Seas

boi dat scarecrow asserting its domininance

อนุกุล เฟื่องไพบูลย์


Thicken Little

Was he your Minecraft boyfriend?!?!?!


11:13 you're *

Press the like button if you agree

Mertcan Yörükoglu

That wars cool

maneewan chang

Wow it's Thai

Marvelfan 2.0

I remember way back having the same exact problems, teachers didn`t understand me from my Asperger's Syndrome ether when I was a kid.

Katie Tato


Sakil Khan

where is GarretI miss him

Megan Ashton

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is very important for BPD.

Scott Johnson


Ricardo Ortiz

4:21 Gumball is gay?

Sarah Ivy

So "BULLYING" is a swear word, but "BULLY" isn't? It's the same damn word, just a few more letters. Youre a crappy channel.

Mr. Panda's Show


Christian 4671

7:52 Guru Kid's Easter egg found

Ishsesiboy The amazing

I loved the time when he jumped in the river

Eric Lee

When u relize a single paintball has more of a life than u do....... cries