An Economic History of the World Since 1400 | Self-Interest, Survival, and History The Great Courses

Learn more about this course and sign up for a FREE trial of The Great Courses Plus here: has, in many regards, created the world. Not only is it the process through which societies provide for the well-being of their citizens, it has also driven everything from trade and politics to warfare and diplomacy. In fact, there’s not a single aspect of history that has not, in some way, been influenced by economic practices.Most of us, even those savvy at following today’s market fluctuations, have a limited understanding of the powerful role economics has played in shaping human civilization. This makes economic history—the study of how civilizations have structured their environments in order to provide food, shelter, and material goods—a vital lens through which to think about how we arrived at our present, globalized moment. It’s also a way to educate yourself about the history behind today’s (and tomorrow’s) economic headlines, from trade negotiations to job outsourcing to financial miracles.Learn more about this course and sign up for a FREE trial of The Great Courses Plus here: forget to subscribe to our channel – we are adding new videos all the time!


8:08 "I wanted to play football again." Shows picture of a soccer ball

Hamilton:I'm NoT yOUr SON


Use me as a “I didn’t expect the beat” button

#PinkandGold Gamer

If they ever break up I think I’ll be more heart broken then Annie 😂

Big Chungus

Logan Paul

Ca'Nya Dingle


Ours looks at girls asses and has been caught so many times same as one of the history teachers

Sid Ibera

The player coach


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E.J. Upton

What is the songs name?

(Pleas do not hate me for my opinion....😶)


New York jankees

Liam Dziedzic

Is anyone watching this in 2019

Young Genius

i have the same story, but cut the drunk dude's part.

Mixtape TNT

Jason (Firday the 13th) vs. Chris McLean (Total Drama Island)


1:40the return of thanos


No matter how good you try to make this sound, It's always going to be weird, and it's messed up.

3. Sprinkle some bones over it.

some pretty dumb content

Lmao you suck at school bruh I already am ceo of Crest

Xwing 2010

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Commander Xananymous

Also that statue of happiness face was Hillary Clinton

Velin Klisurov

Are there any major spoilers in the video? I'm just past act 3 in the storyline.

Tier One

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Even an episode of the show American Dad has a scene where on a train car A113 was on the side idk what the episode was though 😐


It seems to be a great video :D

Caner Yılmaz

I am watching in 2018

Unicorn squad Friesen/ Heese’s

I am going through this to

Everyone in the Thunderbirds (5th grade class) was watching a movie.

Kartik Sahu

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Anna: I won’t let anything happen to herfew seconds later Elsa is hiding from a monsterJohn cena: Are YOU SURE ABOUT THAT

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When u upload this video I was just 1 yr. old



I could of sworn i used to sing this when i was likereally little but i mad ethe song myself I THINK THEY WIRED ME EVERYONE CALL THE COPS

Daniel Dionne

Anyone who finds that last video offensive is an overly sensitive baby.


How do u hit a basketball 20 yards with a piece of wood?

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LittleSweaty Monkey

That fucking Shrek song Fuck You!

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Juan Peinado

What system is it for?


Is this real

Edit: She ain’t my cousin • 3 ^

Johnny Yankanich

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2019 may anyway?

Luke Lillehei

I'm completely honest, I've never seen the first one.

Xx--_ Dude Perfect_--xX

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for all the people asking if he has a ps3 heres the proof he has one :3