American Isis family in limbo - YouTube

Four years ago, Sam Sally left her hometown in Indiana for a vacation in Turkey. She claims her husband duped her into joining ISIS in Syria and she's now left with four kids to feed and nowhere to go.

Zachary Akers

Poor panda ;-;

Jiren Grey

4:14 :That's how memes are mader

Casual Youtuber

D38: Is this the best I can do? Is this really the end for me? Man I don't want to quit. Not now.

Alyssa Burgos

It's ok people went through the same situation you did. It'll be alright.


I Love the panda🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

Kaylin Davis

1 punch to the gym teacher

Daniel King

Great video plus very pleased to see a few of the f*** ups at the end lol

Rahul Das

Thanos was right some people do need to get wiped out of the universe..people who disliked the video

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I mean konami code, not Atari Rage monster (fails test)

emma Miles


Peace Lovely5

I really wish I would of checked into a mental hospital a long time ago. Instead I joined an occult & the occult added additional stress within my life. So I basically paid to get fucked and I can't get rid of myself because I'm pregnant and I want to be a good mother for my baby.


South Korea is honestly better than North Korea

Kevin Cortez Guzman

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Noble sixth.


What is that little kart called?

min limy

Idk why but this gave me chills

S. E. Ponten

How about the "do you conqur doctor?"-line exchanged between Tony and Strange? (Two actors who've played the character Sherlock, and who is synonymous with that quote)

Trapsunday 777

No arguments about how people hate this game? That's new.

Hamza Nidam

2017 ?

Nicole Jones

So I don’t normally like videos but the plunger quad rotate trampoline front flip sticker... that deserves a like

Tricker Shots

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Gacha Player

At the first map it was that fire and u can put it

Alex King

omg this is awesome, i cant wait ! and i also like idea of female psychos, finaly totaly awesome chaotic game (in good meaning, i love chaos) that is totaly gender neutral.

Rachel Tellez-

Rest In Peace Tim.

Rhutch’s Nightbot

Great work! It must have took you forever to find new ideas after all those others ping pong trick shots!

Bryan Mendez

ricardo = GOAT


Thanos: I am the most confusing oneFrozen : hold my beer

Kyo Louis

dem texs

Jh3lvs Gaming

Let it go

harshit bajoria

please make a trick shot of cricket also please ... I request