Amazing Motion and Fire Text Effects - Advanced PowerPoint Animation Tutorial - YouTube

Make cool motion text effects in PowerPoint - from fire text, to shiny text, to anything you can imagine!Check out the written post of this and download the working files on my blog:Please comment, like, and subscribe if you'd like to see more videos :).► Download the sample file (just search for this video):SUBSCRIBE: ► Grab 4 Free Lessons From My Spicy Animations Course ► Get the Slides from My YouTube Tutorials► Follow me on Twitter (if you want to hear from me more often)!► For truly mind-blowing PowerPoint hacks and shortcuts, check out this free PowerPoint “speed course” from my friends Taylor and Camille of Nuts & Bolts Speed Training: I also found some really useful free sites for motion backgrounds, pictures, and music.All media used in my video was taken from

Secret Shine

Love it

its the video i watched before this one

Julian Hosemann

thank you J.K rowling for making harry potter you're the best woman ever


omg height reveal


Best Easter Egg channel :D

Aidan Murphy

Dude i had the same problem this is amazing

Adler Roussel

More like basketball edition

Stefani Briseno

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Cindy Dupras

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Star God


michael katz

Gar and Codes changed

Turn around1045

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xX Šnøwfłâkē Xx

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Sammy Hoffman

It was actually in the background of the incredibles in the fight scene with the robot.

Rs trips 677

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Dévényi Barnabás


marios8403lol papadimitriou

In the call of dute mw easter egg the grave says rest in peace in greek...

wolf gameing

There was a similar situation at my old school but it was not to me

Chesh Noir

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Battlefield (won) 1

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GuideBeauté Jeu

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Drew Coffey

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Paloma Góngora

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Ceaseless Matt2421

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Zombies or monsters? Im tired of zombie games

Hefty Salt

Best easter egg and secrets channel

Gaurav Sonkar

Who is Panda

Super Hamster Gaming

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sohil ahmad



Have you ever noticed in each world's longest Basketball shot the camera guy says OMG!