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Colle Josephson

Team coby

Carlie Cat Gaming



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Льоша Ворона


Brazos Roberts

hay dpdo u want to do soccertrick shots

Cherry Merry

who is watching on 2017

Mayniac Sugg xx

I love this series I need more of them

Carrie Schadler

Dad perfect

Ramit Naval

Anyone in june 2019 Aftrr 10 yrs🙄

Daniel Drazic

How many they lost the balls 110.3726.1927 they lost

Brandon Garcia

my name is brian

ritche parenas

Do toy shop stereotypes

Amazing Eli

Im watching in 2018.

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What if Guru is Adam Sandler? Hmmmmm 🤔

danang geek

suka gaya kalian ,Tua Menolak Tua

Nate K

Such great sportsmanship with both guys. Two incredible fighters and two incredible humans

Sonja Wright

"I don't want to call him a phycopath"

Steam Gasting

Audio book? S P O N S E R E D B Y A U D I B L E

Jenson Palmer

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Siam Mahmud

ummm... bro you guys can do back to school stereotypes..yeah...

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not necessarily gaming


Homer duhboi

If anyone watching in 2019 u guys r legends.(Edit) plus, the Talkative Timmy reveals alot about my mom


fake because there are not bloopers


Going with sword cause he a crip


The "soap opera" in 03:09 is in Brazilian Portuguese, the thing that the lady gave birth is called "curupira" and its a creature from brazilian folklore. :) (Its supposed to be a child with red hair and with his foot facing backwards he would confuse hunters in the forest with his footprints...)

Leonardo Barraza

I remember theorizing about ditto being the failed experiments of mewtwo back in the 4th grade



Merrick Kent

Andrew is a little b 32:50


I laughed at the last video, not because it was funny but because it made me wonder if the people who came up with it were really that clueless and didn't know the history of Amos and Andy. Sheesh ka bobs.

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"Blood, sweat"

Original Meme





Alright, third upload the charm. So this game is Incredible and I would recommend it to anyone. So not many or great Easter Eggs in the game but just some cool game references. Hope you enjoy it. 100 Likes would mean a lot guys. Thanks for watching!


Next stop Japan!☆

Connor Reeves

Atleast somebody who can handle this Problem 👍🏻


I love my body because of that video

Pablo Escobar

Was that your car? You wasted some cars and money