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Joshua Guthrie

Happy Gilmore

BlueMagmaBoy Playz



I found this after it was shared on the BPD sub on Reddit.

Bear Black


My heart is waiting for you

Joseph Stalin

I like how at 3:15 they both cant keep a straight face

I can’t think. Of a name.

Gosh I miss the old dude perfect 😢

She didn’t

Freya Fleming

Guys!!!!is ,chloe here??????


If the lego game developers are hinting at a lego back to the future, that is fucking awesome

Jonathan Melaku

on the last shot when the guy dived in the waiter it turned dark blueand I'm sure it means he pee in it which is disgusting

Alan Torres

Gar's hair 🤢


I buy all my diamond necklaces at Clairs


I feel so mad at myself cuz I use to live LEGIT 1 MILE AWAY FROM THE DP HEADQUARTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spooky Drifloon

What did the statue or something say?


DPeditors for the win!

norberto perez

why are theretwo pandas


bu.. bu.. bu.. but how?

Alesia Maragall Leon

Juanpa you make me so happy you make me laugh so hard I cant explain with words how much I love you I’m so proud of you and everything you have achieved and accomplished


I still remember watching the Powerpuff girl innuendo and laughing so much. Anyways nice vid guru!

james bemis

i have played all of those games their fun

Timothy tkachenko

What kind of dirt bikes did you use?

Zayd Mahfuz

no team coby

saji gopalan

668 viewer