All NBA Fights & Altercations since January 2018

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Jasun Rambo

Lmfao X'D

Mal ingles :'v


Honestly, I think that there is no main character for that everyone has a chance to die. Thats my opinion though

That's why I'm not buying this game or I'll just wait when it's $20

He Will Come

Dunno, probably a birdwatcher,


Bad Company 3 2018?

Liam Knott

Love the conversation one!

Me: Damnit

Burningflame2008 AJ


Tori Peregrina


MadGirl BitchingBoutStuffs

At least she lerned from it. And money is a really huge deal for someone who grew up poor. That put together with a person who is naively loving, no wonder this happend. Still, she is not a victim alone. Jes, poverty and emotional abuse are definitely not the best conditions, but she still used people multiple times knowing fully well what she did. Gold digging is self-destructive and harmful to others.

Glassgaming Guy

😢😢😢 that was so sad 😞

Katelyn Fitzgerald

Bully a Cuzz word?


actually looks good


Tyler's best dunk ever like Jordan

Keep it going! I love your videos :)

Arthitis, cancer recovery, autism. that kind of stuff.

Vlad Pro

3:36 nice😹


Who watching 2018

sunset HOPE

My crush likes my best friend so girl I feel u I cried my eyes out

jbplentorio 2728

Wow that was cool i like all the shots 1000k

C T Films

5:27 hits window

Jesus Martinez

\(0_0)/ Random Face

Adriana Espinoza

Your such a kind hearted girl. God will (if he hasn’t already) reward you☺️

I have much more issues like I can never cry. My mom tells me sometimes you can't do this you will cry then I do it and.....I don't feel a thing. My mom doesn't care about me.

Lelin Pandian Daniel

Eiffel Tower in Paris