Aiyyo Paaji! - School Cinema

The Venugopalans are in for a surprise when the loud Kohlis move in next door. They're so different from each other-right from food, to dress, to language and so many other things! Can the two different cultures from the south and the north ever live together?

Sorry for that GACHA in the middle..

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will you use your voice in future easter egg videos

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Yes, I know I'm on YouTube 24/7 but that a place for videos. Just don't go on Facebook or Instagram and you won't be comparing yourself to others. Most of ish on the internet is photo shopped


A friend of mine who is a nurse keeps telling me she thinks I have Bipolar Disorder. I think I have BPD because my mood swings are too quick. I can't seem to get diagnosed though. When I'm at a shrink I can't express myself. When I'm socializing, it seems like I'm on a high. However, if someone says one small thing to break my confidence, I'm crushed for hours. This teetering between emotions is really destabilizing. =/ I can't seem to find my purpose in life, so I just sit, doing nothing in particular. I don't succeed at anything because I can't focus on anything. And as I see my years waste away, I see my potential waste away. This drains me emotionally. I'm becoming a recluse, and keep pulling away from people more and more. I used to be a very social person. Now, I maybe go for outings once every two weeks or so. I tend to drink my emotions, and listen to music and hope that I end the night on an upbeat note, but most of the time I just black out and don't recall how it ended. I think I'm better now that I'm doing it at home as opposed to the bars. That's just an assumption though.

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u r probably right, like in an elevated golf hole that would measure, 150 yds, you can use a wedge, because it would be alot less, depending on the elevation. true true

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Just Fun

But keep doing what u are happy with


3:09 Brilliant! :D

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I CRIED during the leather few parts of the video at first it was worry then it was happyness dude this was so heart warming to me I'll never forget how much that I love this video 😂😂😂😂😍😻😻💖💖💖💖💖💖💞💞💕💕💞💕💞💕💝


i like how they censor "bully" but not "die."

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New Song by Chris Brown ft DRAKE

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The name f the first song please!!!!!! Trips that you plan for the next whole week

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Isn't your character in Ryse supposed to have a helmet?

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I Knew the Borderlands 2 Minecraft one would be 1st

moropp hehe

My friend has diabetes, and her little brother has cancer. Her mom is blind and her dad is dead. I don't know why did i tell this but

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She keeps giggling like: ehe-HU it’s getting supper annoying


Best ending ever xD

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Please do a video where you talk about bronzers and contour (especially drugstore)! I always want your opinion on them but they are rarely in videos.

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Hahaha sounds like a catfish. Like the cousin was behind it all. You know, when a guy really want to see a girl, he makes it anyway.

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Thank goodness BTS is South Korean. Or not........

It’s Emely

This is super inspiring for me


Can you please do all video game references in wreck-it-ralph?


:) <3

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Spoilers everywhere... But, nice video.