A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed | Bekaar Films | Comedy Skit

Share this video with your best friend! and thank them for always being there for you!#ILifePakistan #ZedPCThe iLife product shown in this video is available in Carrefour all across Pakistan and it is also available online at TelemartBelow is the link to the product:

Chris Leveroni


Monte Williams

Kd already dropped his ass off😂🤷🏿‍♂️

Amy Sago

You do one of the best trick shots ever

PurpleCat Girl9

If my papa dies I won’t be the same person I am today (like her)

Han Winmaw

Nice background soundtrack. What is the name of it? Does anyone know?

John Hunter

The frog really got out because of the extra height that the dead frog provided.

Varsha Pimpalkar

Hii i am your BIGGEST FAN ...........,🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😂😂😂😂😊🤣🤣🤣🤣

Luke Goldston

I like song

Paul - Gamology

Hello FunWithGuru,

Alicia Wylie

Bunnies head is the same size as marble

VincentPlayz ROBLOX and More

This is so relatable like im only 11 and my dad already passed away from smoking

Flutterby 84

I love the music in this.

NoBrain KniFeR

0:10 look closely on corys or cobys gun😂 (the fallen magazine)

chez tiger

My mom works there

Nikki Rowlands

I’ve only just watched this and I’m already skint..


Please dont put this in cringenite store put it in steam

Morgan Owens

This was awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DeDums YT

I wAnT a PeRsOnAl PhOnE

Petalic TM

The illustraiter is thai

Misty Productions


Edex Crow

Teens react to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Matthew Dickinson


emolgachu 1997

I had been struggling with an eating disorder for 4 years. From 2013 to 2017. I won't go too deep into the details, but last year was the year that for once I was no longer felt like ED was controlling me entirely. I had only attempted to starve myself twice that year, one of them being 2 weeks maximum but that was it & yes I had made myself sick a few times in 2018 too. So I'd be lying if I didn't have my EDs knock me down once in a while, but compared to the other years if I gained any amount of weight,it would feel like my world was crashing down around me & I was constantly starving myself & making myself sick.

Zmenace Angel

I was also bullied once...

Austin Gore

I would play flip or smash even if the first all of mine were fails

Rail Fan 131

Do you play real NHL hockey on the stars?

Baked Potato

Sophie is a moany little cunt

direct wiew


I did space pirates and got up to wave 22

Mark Langton

Remember on the 100th video when you said that you weren't enjoying what you're doing, well what you're doing is great and makes a lot of people happy, so you should start doing more different videos that you will enjoy, not saying stop doing Easter eggs, but I just mean to enjoy your channel as much as your subscribers do, and stop just doing whatever is requested all of the time and do your thing! Keep up the great work!

Diamond Graham

Just stay strong 😉❤️💙🙂


+FunWithGuru Please do MGS HD Collection or Legacy Collection as next or even Metal Gear Survuve.

prabha mony

I like your new are the office and I like and Cory and cody


"Subtlety is our specialty" Loud kick.

Jeff Bezos: Hold my money💰

Turquoise Love

I’m loved my name is Turquoise 😍🥰

[Post-Chorus: Chris Brown & Che Ecru]

star dust ignese

The drawing makes it look like a maniac is taking over the world 😐

Ryder Ronaldo


Subway Surfers

Tyler is silly

Arthur Nurullin



This video should be re-named Jenna Marbles treating her dogs better than she will ever treat her human birthed children

Nathaniel Miller II

What is a egg with no shell scrbled


@jkbtl123 It's pure awesomeness.

Proudprincesszoey Gaming

I am relate. Sometimes I get sad bc of nothing, don't know why and maybe that I just think the bad things. My "dog" is my pc but, I can't have it all the time

Central Perk

You will... God has the perfect time❤️

Beard One

Sounds like a failed insurance job..*Cough cough* like 9/11

Arjun Patel


angeline bejaran

This is just another Actually happened.

Madisyn Granberry

If you had a girl on the team what would you name the team