why Polish? xF

Jordan Buchan

2:46 this is snow man abuse and I will not tolerate it at all

Nazi. AMANDA: (Sitting at home PREGNANT!) Erm......excuse me!!!

Becky Wilstead Curtis

What if Ty was picked for wheel unfortunate

Ward ten Hove

Who is watching this in 2056

Norman Levy

They're so bad they need trampolines

Nonamed Player

Well u have friends I still don't have I have only one and she has problems too now even I am 24 years

update idea list: to be continued...


poor Samantha and porter

Afua Osae

OwnwmwmSo cool

Tanner: Yeah! :D

Jaakko m

A book? You should make an album. These outro songs are always 5/5

Tshi Blessings

I knew it.

Chris Moon

12:19 This is first time i see him like that😂😆

Raja Bouzeid

Raven is very jealous


Who knew one word could change your life?

clyde jake salcedo


Zodiacleogamer 0818

I would really like to take archery lessons from these guys 😂

James t Jones

Ty looks like his dad


Where garret

HooligansGame Macedonia

dude pls sub me i sub u plsss:)THE BEST DUDE!

matthew conrad

Travis pastrana

JohnThe Bomb

There is a dept. that specifically handles online or offline things that the police should handel. There is this true story that a girl was in a group chat with guy "teens" (see the quotes). They were planning to meet each other the next day. The dad found out and brought it to the police. The police said is she met the person she could have been kidnapped and who knows what will happen next. So when in doubt take it to someone you can trust.

Mac Baseball

What makes me mad is when is when I take my fish for a walk and I realize he already jumped off the cliff. Isn’t that annoying! Another thing is when joe caught a slide and savage. Like, what the heck!

I’m a Filipino too man and I’m brown

Drake ́s Woes

you sir are a genious, here have a cookie

Gamer 118

I draw anime


6:21 "I hate those sex noise vids." Lol 😆😆😆😆

BD Superfan - Mal Stage 2

If you didn't catch it,0:56 to 1:04, and1:18 to 1:24are definitely clips of a future Elsa song. And, it gives me Let It Go vibes, so it's probably the next trademark song in the Frozen series :P