Absorbing Man: All Powers from Agents of Shield

Here is every display of powers, special moves, and attacks from Absorbing Man.Including duplicate physical properties , durability, super strength, and much more.

Ehouse 29

Fantasy factory was funny at least

Me: insert lenny face

ItzJen and ItzSaphire

I had a dream I was being chased by Barney once 😂


Very bad . Waste of food 🥘. You should feed the homeless people . Thumbs down 👎🏽 . Not fan of this .


This is such b*ll sh*t Guru. I mean it's like the replica of Gameranx's video. I liked your videos but don't copy other people's content, cuz if you do then I'll unsub.

proplayer PRODUCTION


Phil UK

itll all be about the songs. trust me

Nathan Long


Pohaku Rabang

Did you even heard “what” in0:53 leave a like if you do hear it

The Blue Raptor

4:09 Is that a part for the bus? I've been wondering for so long and I kept dying when I had it.

Oh wrong song

George Tony

Ethan was right...




like always, i applaud your choice of lo-fi that you use in your vids. good on you, sir.

David Nie

I ship that shit together


Channel Name: MinuteVideos

Alexander Widener



Snow beard


Thank god I do not live there. It is better with some corrupt bois.

Worrin Xyz

When The Legend Of Trickshots Was Born😎

Giovanny Rolon

Pats nation


my name jeff.

Oliwia Brynkus

Wow. Very nice❤


Ivan Provorov of the Brandon Wheat Kings and Philadelphia Flyers

Itz Abby ÒwÓ

me : *reads the title*

MC Noided

The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil

Riley Richards

4 year anniversary

Sonia Hassan

I have seen every video this video is amazing all videos are amazing

Tommy Hockey

We saw a rage monster in not a stereotype

it's haerd to make people understand 😔

Sad Cat

No Man's Sky is like Minecraft but in space.

lukas vistisen

This video is is uploaded exactly the same Day. 10 years sins dude perfects first video

sherry miller

2:20 wtf


early cool

Ambica S

Awesome guys

Connor Qualls

I think it's pretty obvious why the vape nation Easter egg was in rick and Morty, if you watch some of their vids and podcasts The creator of rick and Morty is a close friend to Ethan


Hunting stereotype: friendly fire.

Benjamin Stanley

Can I have one

Ben Ruehmann


Like and comment if you have watched it

Taco Time

I exhaled


i miss the bad company series :/ <3


This problem is controversial in my country too (from Japan)

James Droegemueller

Just those few notes from kh... Hit the feels... So hard...

Meadow Snyder

My teacher watch’s talks vids💗😂

Lula Gomez

tanbien neerf

Photo video

it's fake..from 41 sec differents video